A Review of the 2010 DMAs Digital Marketing Days by Mark Johnson, President and CEO of Loyalty 360

I just had the pleasure to attend the 2010 DMA Digital Marketing Days (June 14-16th, 2010) at the Hilton in New York City. I enjoyed a variety of great sessions that focused on the turbulent,  dynamic and exciting times for the direct marketing world. Two sessions seemed to resonate more than others.

I found the keynote session from Christa Carone, the CMO of Xerox, to be very interesting. Her first and most poignant quote was “The future of marketing” will resemble the past.  Loyalty Management wholeheartedly concurs, believing that the goal of every merchant should hasten a return to the corner bread or shoe store where (to paraphrase Cheers), “Everybody knows your name.” Today it is not as much about knowing your name, but your attitudes, interests, preferences, opinions and being able to craft this information into actionable insight to create a dialogue the end user wants to partake in and that can create sustainable behavioral change.

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