The Future of Rewards: Understanding How Consumers Value Rewards And Incentives

  • March 16 2018
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • The Virtual Incentives Team

How do rewards and incentives impact consumers? At Virtual Incentives, we’ve always known that virtual rewards are the future. But now we’re diving deeper to better understand the relationships between consumers and incentives. The...Read More

GRIT CPR Report: 2017 Global Respondent Engagement Study

  • May 15 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • GreenBook

In the Q3-Q4 2016 edition of the GRIT Report, we at GreenBook asked participants to rank various factors in importance when designing a study. Respondent Experience was at the absolute bottom of the list, which we found quite alarming...Read More

CMO Challenge: Leveraging Internal and External Communities

  • January 06 2016
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty 360

Sponsored by Virtual Incentives Throughout November and December 2015, we asked CMOs and top executives in marketing and operations. What are the challenges and opportunities to effectively leveraging internal and external communities in your...Read More