Often, the difference between engaging a customer and losing them is in the details. A personal touch is the key to taking a customer experience to the next level, and these finer points are the focus of Bond Inc., a company that specializes in crafting handwritten notes with efficiency that is made possible through its proprietary robotic technology.
Bond will present its mission, as well as proven results, in an upcoming September 12th webinar. Powered by Loyalty360, “Delivered: How Bond’s Handwritten Notes Drive Customer Loyalty” will dive into real-world case studies proving the effectiveness of this innovative spin on a traditional marketing technique.
Presenting the 1pm webinar for Bond will be Matt White, the company’s director of sales and head evangelist.
“In a space where every company is on the search for a unique differentiator, Bond’s handwritten notes offer the thoughtfulness of a personal message with the ease of an email,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “Their upcoming webinar will be a valuable opportunity for attendees to see real-world examples of this engagement tool.”
Register today, and join Bond for a look at how the future of personalization is being written one letter at a time.
For more information, or to register, click here.

About Bond
Bond combines tradition with technology, making it easy for your business to send beautiful, thoughtfully crafted, handwritten notes to your customers. Our technology takes the art of correspondence into the 21st century to help your business deliver powerful, personalized messages that generate loyalty at scale.

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