As with many things, conducting a successful loyalty program often comes down to the fundamentals. Before moving onto advanced tactics and technologies, a program absolutely needs to be built on a strong foundation of focused design and clear objectives. Few companies know this better than Paytronix, whose experience managing over 330 loyalty programs has given it a uniquely qualified perspective of what sets successful programs apart from the pack.
Paytronix will give attendees an inside look at this perspective during “The Loyalty IQ Challenge: Five Lessons for Loyalty Pros,” a November 14th webinar presented by loyalty experts from the company. Join Kimberly Otocki and Stephen Stone, content marketing specialists, as they share strategies for executing an effective loyalty initiative. Topics will include:
·      What customers your loyalty program should be built around (hint: it’s not your best ones)
·      How often you should engage your loyalty members each month
·      How many visits it takes to earn customer loyalty and how to get them to that visit
Registration for the 1pm webinar is open now, and all registrants will also have access to an on-demand recording of the webinar following its conclusion. For more information, or to register, please visit this link.
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