Launching a loyalty program is no easy task. Creating an effective program requires investment and coordination from multiple places within an organization, as well as complete buy-in from the highest levels of the company. Many brands are (understandably) reluctant to dedicate these resources to a program without assurance of return in the form of tangible KPI improvements. This is where a pilot comes in.
Join Bond Brand Loyalty on Tuesday, October 31st for their webinar, “To Pilot or Not to Pilot? That is the Question,” discussing best practices when it comes to piloting a new program or feature. Speaking for Bond will be Maria Pallante, VP, loyalty solutions, and Richard Schenker, senior loyalty consulting director. These experts will walk attendees through a series of topics, such as the merits of a pilot in gaining greater certainty of success and identifying opportunities to modify and optimize programs prior to roll-out.
“Piloting is a key phase in the implementation of a loyalty program; being able to test changes before a full release enables brands to keep a finger on the pulse of what makes an effective program,” said Mark Johnson. “We look forward to hearing from Bond Brand Loyalty about this crucial, yet often overlooked phase of program design.”
Registration for the 1pm webinar is open now. All registrants will also have access to an on-demand recording of the webinar following its conclusion. For more information, or to register, please visit this link.
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