The new state of a loyalty is moving fast, and if you’re not proactively evolving your program, you’re going to face disruption. As customer expectations continue to change, marketers are looking for that silver bullet and are struggling to figure out what’s broken, what to fix and how to design, implement and operate a flexible, efficient and innovative program.
In this fast-moving market, agility and having the right roadmap for loyalty will help deliver measurable results for your company’s bottom line this year, and also down the road. In this FREE Loyalty 360 webinar, attendees will learn about the following topics:

- The telltale signs that your program is in need of a renovation. 

- Considerations for a more efficient and more effective program. 

- The elements of technology that are just hype, and those that are real and are a must. 

- Operational and CX rapid readiness must-haves for your re-launch. 

- Looking beyond your program and renovating your entire loyalty ecosystem.
On February 7th at 1:00 p.m. ET, join Bond Brand Loyalty’s Sean Claessen, EVP Strategy, and Scott Robinson, VP Design & Strategy, for an informative and action-filled webinar titled “Agileloyalty—Get Rapid Ready for the New Loyalty.”
“There’s never been one true path to building and renovating a loyalty program. The process is a constantly moving target, shifting along with the loyalty market as a whole,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “Bond Brand Loyalty understands this, and is offering webinar attendees the chance to hear unique insights about the factors and considerations that go into a loyalty program designed for success and growth.”
Register now for “Agileloyalty—Get Rapid Ready for the New Loyalty,” and gain an edge over competitors taking suboptimal, same-old approaches to their loyalty offerings. As an added bonus, brands that register for the webinar are eligible for a snapshot of their loyalty program data from the annual “Loyalty Report” from Bond Brand Loyalty.*
About Loyalty360
Loyalty360 is an unbiased, objective, and market-driven association for customer loyalty, which seeks to enable and encourage dialogue among industry leaders. Through a unique blend of content, collaboration, and diverse learning opportunities, we’ve created a network of brands and technology providers that represent some of the best voices that the customer loyalty industry has to offer. These relationships help us understand the cutting-edge tools, technologies, platforms, and strategic services that are allowing marketers to build authentic customer connections and earn long-term loyalty. From our introductory individual memberships to our top Premium tier, our members are provided with the exposure, certification, and the exclusive content they need to continue their path to true customer centricity.
About Bond Brand Loyalty
Bond Brand Loyalty is a management-owned agency that specializes in building brand loyalty for the world's most influential and valuable brands. Our mission is to make marketing more rewarding for customers, richer and more resilient for brands, and more profitable for our clients. We build measurable, authentic, and long- lasting relationships through a combination of services that includes loyalty solutions, customer experience, marketing research, customer analytics, live brand experiences, and proprietary loyalty technology platforms. Visit our website, follow us on Twitter or contact us at 1-844-277-2663.
* Available only to brands featured in the 2016 Bond Brand Loyalty Report, who register for and attend this webinar.

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