Western Union Speaker Preview at Loyalty360 Expo

  • October 05 2021
  • Resource: Daily News

Western Union’s Harveer Singh and Lucy Donaldson speak about being a presenter at the 2021 Loyalty Expo in October. Singh and Donaldson spoke with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson about being part of Loyalty360 Brand Member Roundtables: The...Read More

How to Leverage Your Data, Part 2: Improved Financial Results from Higher Engagement

  • June 25 2021
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Ashley Kimball, Loyalty360

Tim Glomb, VP of Content and Data, Cheetah Digital Having the right customer data allows you to create personalized experiences that drive measurable revenue.  If you collect zero-party data from customers that includes psychographic...Read More

‘Learning to Learn’ is Key for Loyalty Methods’ Clients

  • January 15 2021
  • Resource: Daily News

Loyalty Methods CEO Emil Sarkissian pares down the process of customer engagement to a single thought and purpose, albeit one that offers many challenges. “Loyalty is just a way to get the behavioral data,” he says. “But once...Read More

Convenience and Fuel Retailers Working to Adapt to new Consumer Habits

  • October 01 2020
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Tim Pennington, Loyalty360

Convenience stores and fuel stations are having a rough go of it in 2020, as the change in work and driving habits by many consumers have affected that retail sector significantly.According to the most recent industrywide data from the National...Read More

Customer Loyalty When it Comes to Changes in Contactless and Mobile Ordering | Loyalty360 Member Perspective

  • September 02 2020
  • Resource: Daily News

While consumer shopping habits have been tossed upside down by the changes that have taken place during the first half of 2020, the shift has also opened up some opportunities for retailers who have embraced contactless and mobile ordering as a...Read More