Loyalty360 Brand Members Adapt to Support Loyal Customers, Employees, and Communities

  • March 30 2020
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Carly Stemmer Ivory | Loyalty360

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed daily life for individuals and businesses across the world. While there are still many uncertainties and news of store closings and layoffs that have flooded our feeds, there are several brands that have dedicated...Read More

Ally Conveys the True Meaning of Sponsorship at Customer Expo 2019

  • November 14 2019
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Duy Nguyen | Loyalty360

The second day of Customer Expo 2019 went off without a hitch despite the extremely cold weather of Indianapolis, Indiana. One of the highlights from the morning sessions was Bridget Sponsky’s presentation on the meaning of sponsorship...Read More

Ally Teams Up with Better.com for Frictionless Digital Experience

  • April 23 2019
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Peter Mills | Loyalty360

In today’s market, digital experience is a crucial part of overall customer experience. Brands find that they need to assess the entirety of the customer journey to get it just right. Some have entered into innovative partnerships to ensure...Read More

New Survey from Ally Shows Online Ratings Don’t Affect Every Industry

  • February 21 2019
  • Resource: Daily News
  • Peter Mills | Loyalty360

Many of us, including myself, are fascinated by online ratings. If my vacuum cleaner breaks, I’ll run a Google search for “best vacuum cleaner,” and I’ll end up ordering whichever one has the most internet hype, the most...Read More