ZayZoon Partners with SwipeClock for Paycheck On-Demand

This week, ZayZoon, the Financial Technology Company created to end predatory lending, announced its partnership with SwipClock, a leader in simple and affordable workforce management services.
ZayZoon partners and integrates with payroll companies in Canada and the U.S. to provide employees with access to their wages on-demand. SwipClock has more than 1,000 partners, which have empowered more than 30,000 businesses to reduce labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits.

Tate Hackert, President at ZayZoon, discussed the partnership further.

“ZayZoon provides its customers with access to earned wages.  We extend our benefit to employees that are paid through our payroll partners.  As part of our socially responsible mission, we only allow employees to access earnings to ensure that they’re not taking on debt,” Hackert went on to say. “SwipeClock gives us the ability to understand exactly what a specific employee has earned up to their latest time entry in SwipeClock.  This capability allows us to precisely know what an employee has earned in order to provide them with access to their earned wages.”

For Hackert and his team at ZayZoon, the partnership with SwipeClock came about due to SwipeClock’s incredible track record of success.

“SwipeClock is a best-in-class provider of time, attendance and scheduling.  They have done an amazing job of partnering with payroll companies to achieve a market share in excess of 1,000,000 employees!  We partner with the very same payroll companies and are the best-in-class provider of wages on demand.  The alignment and engagement within the payroll community made this partnership a no brainer for both companies.”

Since its founding, ZayZoon has established deep relationships with its partners, thus allowing the company to have high levels of growth and traction within its respective market.

“We are actively involved in the HR and payroll space and have had amazing traction with US platforms, payroll and PEO companies,” Hackert discussed.  “The relationships that we’ve established in this tight knit group of companies have been fantastic.  It truly is a community and we have built mutually beneficial relationships with a lot of wonderful companies who are looking to step up the value they’re providing to their customers.  The demand and growth we’re experiencing thanks to our strategic partnerships certainly made the discussions more interesting.”

The road ahead is not complicated for ZayZoon and their business model. Providing the highest level of customer service while also releasing top tier products and services are a simple concept, yet one so many brands fail to provide.

Hackert discussed the roadmap ahead, “Our business begins and ends with the customer. SwipeClock and our partners understand how important it is to be an advocate for our customers while providing the best products and services.  Thanks to technology and its democratization, companies like ZayZoon can provide competitive products efficiently to customers who traditionally have had very few options around financial products and services.  We are proud of the relationships we have with our customers and partners; they continue to help us gain insights into ways that we can evolve and improve our product roadmap.”

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