Location data management leader Yext delivered impressive news on Thursday, in the form of results stemming from Denny’s implementation of the platform early last year. Since then, the world-famous diner has seen a staggering 162% increase in search impressions, demonstrating the impact of effective local search optimization.
The partnership came from a desire by Denny’s to empower franchisees in their local marketing efforts, allowing them to become the neighborhood diner that guests often envision when thinking of the brand.
“Our location data simply must be accurate for us to be in, if not stay ahead of, the game. Missing phone numbers, incorrect addresses — that is unacceptable in this day in age,” said John Dillon, CMO of Denny’s. “The cost of inaccuracies is difficult to quantify, since we don’t know exactly how many customers we were losing due to incorrect information. Regardless, at a baseline correct listings is an infrastructure issue, and Yext uniquely ensures that all of our listings are accurate across all search channels and devices.”
The accuracy of these listings allows the brand to mount targeted marketing campaigns with a laser focus on the local community. Efforts to engage customers require an extensive understand of the audience, and this information is a valuable asset for a brand looking to take control of its consumer data.
“Yext is proud to work with innovative brands like Denny's that understand the importance of leveraging location as the foundation to create more opportunities for meaningful customer engagement,” said Wendi Sturgis, Yext’s Chief Customer Officer. “Denny's has a huge stake in local as a franchise company, and has an innovative approach to ensuring each franchise owner feels empowered to add his or her own voice and create a local dining experience that resonates with their unique community.”
Location data has seen a boom recently as the rise of mobile search has proven to be a deciding factor for customers looking for food, entertainment, or any number of other attractions. Through platforms such as Yext, companies are able to ensure that their locations are properly indexed and prioritized on these searches, boosting visibility for potential customers on the go.

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