Wonderful Halos Gains Brand Loyalty in Short Time

Wonderful Halos Brand Loyalty Wonderful Halos has come a long way in a short amount of time from a brand loyalty perspective.

Just ask Wonderful Halos spokesman Steven Bram.

“In just two years as a brand, we have seen much success from a customer loyalty perspective,” Bram told Loyalty360. “We are now the No. 1 mandarin brand in the U.S. due to our entire team’s efforts from our groves to our marketing to the grocery store. Halos have become the perfect healthy snack for American families!”Wonderful Halo brand loyalty

Excellent customer experience is extremely important to Wonderful Halos.

“We want every interaction with our product a positive one,” Bram said. “One way we ensure our consistency in this arena is by delivering a high-quality product. Wonderful Halos is a vertically integrated company, meaning we control the entire production process from tree to table. Being a vertically integrated company really helps us ensure that our mandarins are of premium quality and taste that our consumers have come to know and love. It’s a team effort. Everyone from our very own growers, customer service, sales and marketing team all work together to provide an excellent customer service experience. We also monitor on a daily basis the various customer feedback we receive via phone, email, and social media.”

Wonderful Halos engages with customers on social media on a daily basis.

“We offer our fans rich content and offer exclusive prizes for them to win for themselves and their families,” Bram explained. “Additionally, we are currently building out an advocacy program so we can definitely share more down the road when we have more data.”

Customer loyalty is a result of the customer receiving consistently positive experiences with a product or service, Bram said.

“Loyalty must be earned, especially since the era of the Empowered Customer,” Bram said. “Technology has a lot to do with the change. Consumers can now search for any information they need in a matter of seconds which influences their purchasing decisions. Additionally, social media has given a platform for consumers and brands to have a dialogue. It also offers a place for consumers from all across the globe give reviews on products whether positive or negative. Consumers can choose to spend their money any way they want, so it’s always imperative to continuously ask ourselves: ‘How can Halos create the best experience for our consumers with our product?”’. 

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