The holiday season means the busiest wine-buying season of the year. As consumers prepare for the holiday season, with its multitude of festivities and gift-giving opportunities, wine sales are poised to soar. In a first-of-its-kind loyalty program, Vertical Finance has announced the launch of the new Grand Reserve Rewards program.

The program lets wine lovers automatically earn Grand Reserve Rewards points whenever they make purchases at wine-related retailers using an existing credit card – regardless of the brand purchased. Grand Reserve Rewards points are earned in addition to their card's current benefits and are redeemable for more than 200 wine-related products and experiences.

According to Nielsen, Christmas and New Year are the top two wine-selling holidays followed by Thanksgiving. In fact, Christmas and New Year’s Eve accounted for 69 percent more dollar sales than the average two-week period in 2016, ringing up more than $1 billion sales in the two weeks alone.

“Grand Reserve Rewards helps wine enthusiasts take advantage of their passion for wine to get more out of every dollar they spend. We are changing the conversation about loyalty by providing rewards across a wine lover’s purchases, not just for a single wine brand,” says Matthew Goldman, Founder and CEO of Vertical Finance.

“Wine lovers want to experience new flavor profiles and wine regions, as well as experiment with different producers and sellers. Grand Reserve Rewards satisfies the desire of wine enthusiasts to enjoy all that the wine industry offers, and at the same time accumulate rewards points every time they buy at wineries, wine clubs and wine shops,” Goldman adds.

Customers can become a Grand Reserve Rewards member and start earning points simply by registering for the beta launch on Grand Reserve Rewards’ website and linking an existing credit card. Once linked, point earning starts immediately on every purchase at wineries, wine clubs and wine shops. Grand Reserve Rewards’ card-linked offer technology issues reward points to members on a secure, blockchain-enabled loyalty ledger.

Members can explore the expansive Grand Reserve Rewards catalog to redeem points for a wide range of wine-related merchandise and experiences, which include a Sonoma Valley winery tour with a private driver, classes at the Napa Valley Wine Academy, and many other exclusive sommelier-curated events.

To celebrate its debut, Grand Reserve Rewards also announced a Napa Valley wine country getaway sweepstakes featuring a two-day stay at St. Helena’s Harvest Inn resort. For wine buyers, it is just the right time to join Grand Reserve Rewards!

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