Williams Sonoma Customer EngagementProviding that memorable customer experience is a goal and aspiration of every loyalty marketer. For Williams-Sonoma, that is a constant theme.

“We are pursuing distinct strategies to grow each of our brands and we are relentlessly focused on our customers and on improving our execution,” Williams-Sonoma CEO Laura Alber said during the company’s Nov. 19 third-quarter earnings conference call, according to Seeking Alpha. “Everything we do is through this lens. It determines our strategy and it guides our priority. Providing a richer and more integrated shopping experience is a long-term priority and we believe technology is essential to enabling an outstanding customer experience.”

Third-quarter revenue grew 8%, to $1.23 billion.

“Over the past few years, we’ve articulated our vision to double the revenue of our business by growing domestically and through global expansion,” Alber explained. “Our portfolio approach gives us a competitive advantage. We are not limited to a single look and our range of tasteful aesthetics allows us to address a broad market. In-house, at our San Francisco and Brooklyn studios, we design innovative inspiring high quality product at a great value that reflects the way our customers live and entertain. Our products are developed with design, quality and consciousness of our focus and we deeply believe that supply chain integrity and transparency is good business. Our customers continue to want a more engaging shopping experience and a deeper and more authentic connection with the brand to which they are loyal.”

What’s more, Alber said, Sonoma’s customers want a more integrated and frictionless shopping experience whether they are shopping in store, online via mobile, tablet, or desktop or at home.

“As a result, all of the investments we have been making are with this customer objective in mind,” Alber said.

In ecommerce, Sonoma has advanced its ability to serve targeted content to customers on its websites, Alber noted.

“We have more relevant, timely and engaging content as a result,” she said. “When we personalize content, we see measurable and material conversion lift. Our custom built platform provides us unique advantages that we will continue to leverage with new and more robust campaigns in the quarters to come. We believe we are in early stages and will continue to build on this foundation to drive incremental results.”

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