Fast food burger chain White Castle just got a little more mobile with its recently revamped mobile app. The chain was among the first to offer mobile ordering as part of a fast food app, and continues to innovate in the way it builds customer engagement with loyal shoppers (Cravers, according to the brand), even outside of the dining room or drive-through.
“As a brand, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, evolve and keep up with ever-changing trends,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle. “Our revamped mobile app makes it easier than ever for our customers to order our menu items, right from their smart phones.”
In addition to offering a newly redesigned interface for advance ordering, the app provides added value in the form of exclusive Craver deals. These deals include a discounted order of 10 sliders simply for downloading the app, which the company hopes will kick off the new app with a spike in enrollment.
“We think our customers will really love the newly redesigned app and we’re looking forward to hearing their feedback,” said Richardson in regard to how the app was redesigned with consumers in mind. “And while offering our Cravers a more user-friendly app was highly important to us, we wanted to do more because we truly value their loyalty and support of the White Castle brand. That's why in addition to convenience, we're offering our Cravers a way to save money, too.”
Mobile apps are no longer an added luxury for brands looking to engage with customers on a higher level, they’re a necessity. By putting the White Castle customer experience into the pocket of smartphone owners across the country, the chain is able to stay top of mind and ensure that fast food diners are provided with the convenience and seamless ordering process that consumers have to expect from brands.
Taking the next step in mobile integration, White Castle is also allowing mobile wallet payments through Apple Pay and Android Pay. Combined with in-app ordering, White Castle remains ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile engagement with its customers.

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