HERNDON, Va.—Vovici,      the leading provider of enterprise feedback management solutions, today     announced that the Arthritis     Foundation, has selected Vovici to engage and better serve the 50     million adults and nearly 300,000 children living with arthritis in the     United States.

The Arthritis Foundation is the largest private, not-for-profit     contributor to arthritis research in the world, funding more than $400     million in research grants since 1948. The Foundation funds     life-changing research that has restored mobility in patients for more     than six decades; fights for health care policies that improve the lives     of the millions who live with arthritis; and partners with families to     provide empowering programs and information.

“While we do use outside market research firms for ad hoc large-scale     consumer research, we were also looking for a vehicle that would allow     us to talk directly to our constituents quickly, efficiently,      cost-effectively and on an ongoing basis,” stated Emily L. Creek,      Arthritis Foundation senior director of consumer health marketing and     strategy. “Vovici’s panel management capabilities, makes it easy to     create and segment an online panel of constituents with various forms of     arthritis, allowing us to gain targeted and relevant feedback.”

Vovici’s Panel Profile Builder is a respondent knowledge-base that grows     richer with every survey or interaction. It can be used to segment     clients when targeting them for surveys. Vovici’s Panel Profile Builder     also allows an organization to control how frequently clients are     contacted, and to avoid over-surveying. New information can be added so     Vovici’s Panel Profile Builder gets smarter over time.

“And if you add Vovici Social to the mix, Vovici’s new integration with     Facebook, we can take our research efforts to a new level,” says Creek.      “We can now recruit and connect with panel members from the more than     21,000 fans who already frequent us directly through Facebook.”

Vovici helps companies create a shared voice that deepens the emotional     connection with key audiences and tap into creativity, insight and     sentiment. Vovici provides a wealth of tools to construct vibrant,      healthy communities that synchronize feedback efforts in a way that     augments engagement and business agility.

“Members, employees and partners are playing an ever-expanding role in     every organization’s message and brand,” states Dave Capuano, vice     president of marketing for Vovici. “Vovici is delighted to help The     Arthritis Foundation engage in these conversations and seamlessly infuse     the results into their vision and strategy.”

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Vovici is the leading provider of enterprise feedback management     solutions. Powerful, scalable and easy to use, Vovici’s solutions help     companies engage customers, employees and partners to increase loyalty,      facilitate innovation, and influence critical business decisions. More     than a thousand organizations worldwide, including more than half of the     Fortune 500, rely on Vovici to turn information into action. Visit www.vovici.com for more information.

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