Higher Colleges of Technology Embeds Vovici In All Aspects of Its     Operations to Elevate Performance

DULLES, Va.—Vovici,      the leading provider of survey management and enterprise feedback     solutions, today announced that the Higher     Colleges of Technology, the largest higher education institution in     the United Arab Emirates, has woven Vovici into all aspects of its     operation in order to keep abreast of the needs of more than 19,000     students at 16 campuses.

Leveraging the power of Vovici, HCT executes hundreds of surveys each     year including entrance and exit surveys, faculty satisfaction surveys,      performance reviews, surveys of the employers of HCT graduates and more.      Every question drives a decision and many determine Key Performance     Indicators (KPIs) for various departments. “HCT places a high value on     data-driven decisions,” says Kannan Unnithan, Coordinator - Quality     Systems Development “Vovici helps us prioritize our resources as we     strive for constant improvement and alignment with our mission to fully     prepare students for a globalized workplace.”

The Vovici platform is so integral to HCT, the institute has embedded it     into all its in-house developed applications. When a student or faculty     member is using one of these applications, he or she can simply click a     button on any screen and provide feedback. The input comes into HCT’s     Institutional Effectiveness division where it is collected and     evaluated. This 24/7 direct line to the user community enables HCT to     address issues in near real time. “When there’s an issue with an     application, we hear about it immediately from a large user base and can     address the problem right away,” Unnithan points out. For instance, his     department recently received a series of comments from one campus about     the screen color in an application. IT personnel promptly modified the     color and the complaints ceased. “It is important for our students to     realize they have a voice and are being heard—these are key elements in     our high student retention and satisfaction ratings,” explained Khalid     Tariq, Head of Enterprise Systems.

Prior to launching Vovici, HCT was using different surveys run on     multiple homegrown survey tools at each of its 16 campuses. Lacking     uniformity, there was no way to benchmark across colleges. Moreover, a     full-time analyst was required to interpret the reams of disparate data.      After an extensive evaluation effort, HCT selected the Vovici solution     for its flexibility, scalability and robust analytical capabilities.      Now, surveys are a snap to create, distribute, analyze and compare     across campuses.

“Vovici is proud to partner with such a forward-thinking, innovative     institution as the Higher Colleges of Technology,” says Dave Capuano,      vice president of marketing for Vovici. “HCT understands the importance     of real time communication, feedback and responsiveness in today’s     higher education environment. We are delighted to be the technology     driving these crucial capabilities at a school that’s truly making its     mark in education.”

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