VMG Publications Roll Out New Membership Campaign

The iconic publication properties of Voice Media Group have announced a new reader-engagement model that allows readers to contribute to their award-winning independent local journalism.

Under the "I Support" campaign, VMG'S Phoenix New Times, Denver Westword, Dallas Observer, Miami New Times, and Houston Press are generating important revenue by asking readers to contribute to the cause, either by making recurring annual or monthly members contribute or making one-time donations.

During a period of declining advertising sales that have caused many American newspapers and websites to scale back operations, impose mandatory paywalls, or shut down entirely, voluntary reader contributions are already being used to support VMG's vibrant coverage of local news, arts, music, food, and events, which is still offered to the general public at no charge.

Supporters can also chip in by subscribing to one or more email newsletters, which offer up-to-the-minute information about everything from local news to restaurants, music, arts, and free promotions.

"We love our readers, and we know many of them look to us for trustworthy coverage of our communities," said VMG corporate vice president of marketing Jenna Corday. "Rather than creating a paywall, it seemed natural to turn to them for support, given their loyalty and commitment to our brand."

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