Construction Software Provider Implements Voice of the Customer     Program to Support Rapid Growth and Expansion Initiatives

DULLES, Va.—Vovici, the leading provider of Voice of the Customer and enterprise     feedback management (EFM)      solutions, today announced that Viewpoint     Construction Software, a leader in construction management software,      is turning customer feedback captured by Vovici into improvement     initiatives that drive customer satisfaction.

Viewpoint has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, posting     record revenues in 2009 and logging 42 percent growth in new customers     in the first half of 2010. This growth, fueled in part by expansion into     Canada and Australia, inspired Viewpoint to implement a Voice of the     Customer program to keep its finger on the pulse of its customers.      “We’ve always been very customer oriented,” says Pam Snodgrass, manager     of customer quality with Viewpoint. “But our growth was making it more     challenging to stay tuned into our customers’ needs.” Seeking a     structured and consistent method of capturing comprehensive customer     feedback, Viewpoint launched a Vovici-powered Voice of the Customer     program in early 2009.

An initial survey, sent to 8,000 users of the Viewpoint software,      yielded valuable quantitative and qualitative data. “We struggled at     first to manage the sheer volume of data that we collected,” says     Snodgrass. “Vovici’s solution really helped us parse through and analyze     our results to reveal the real insights.” After distributing feedback to     various departments, Snodgrass and her team used Vovici to prioritize     five key improvement initiatives which were quickly embraced by top     Viewpoint executives. They were also shared with customers first in     summary, and then as progress reports in the customer newsletter. “These     initiatives have gone a long way towards focusing our organization on     issues important to our customers,” notes Snodgrass. As one example,      Viewpoint customers placed a high importance on communication, so     Customer Communication became a key initiative. As a direct result,      Viewpoint has increased the frequency of its newsletter from quarterly     to monthly, initiated consistent release of technical briefs, and is now     ready to launch a completely redesigned customer website after a series     of short and useful adjustments.

Viewpoint recently launched a follow-up to the original survey. “The     results validate that our customers are more satisfied following the     changes we made, and that we are spending our time and resources in the     right areas,” reports Snodgrass. “Vovici gives us the confidence that     our five customer improvement initiatives will continue to increase     customer satisfaction and loyalty, key drivers of the company’s success.”

Viewpoint has augmented its annual customer survey with several     transactional surveys probing various areas of the business including     support calls, classroom training and consulting services. “The ability     to create a high-quality survey in Vovici quickly and easily enables us     to stay very tuned into what’s going on within our business and make     adjustments quickly as needed,” offers Snodgrass.

“Viewpoint is a shining example of a high-growth company that leverages     a Voice of the Customer program to deepen their relationships,” says     Dave Capuano, vice president of marketing for Vovici. “More and more     companies like Viewpoint are relying on Vovici to harness the power of     customer feedback in context with the business to anticipate customer     needs and fuel customer loyalty.”

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With a long-standing focus on meeting the information needs of     organizations, Viewpoint has achieved a leadership position in     construction enterprise software. Built on a contemporary and scalable     Microsoft .Net platform, the firm provides construction-specific     solutions that address the unique needs of leading firms throughout the     U.S., Canada and Australia.

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