Vexilor System Enhances Customer Experience at New Herschel Walker Restaurant

A new cloud-based tablet POS system has greatly enhanced the customer experience at Herschel’s Famous 34 Pub & Grill, a 110-seat restaurant located in Athens, Georgia and owned by DD Leisure Management Corp.

Named after 1982 Heisman Trophy winner and former University of Georgia football sensation Herschel Walker, the restaurant opened Feb. 1 and, through a partnership with global technology company Givex, implemented Vexilor – a new cloud-based tablet POS system that vastly improves server efficiency and accuracy. 

George Fiorile, Vice President of Business Development for DD Leisure Management Corp., told Loyalty 360 that tablets can be deployed as fixed workstations or handheld devices, which allow servers to place orders straight from the table and continue serving customers while orders are automatically routed to the kitchen or bar to be processed.

Tablet interfaces can be customized for each type of role, from server to manager, and anyone can sign in to any tablet and access functions and menus tailored to their job. 

“From a managerial point of view, a manager can walk the floor and see how long each table’s check has been opened and how long it is taking for their food to be served,” Fiorile said. “

DD Leisure Management Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment, Inc., which operates high volume restaurants. Fiorile said the Vexilor technology made an immediate impact and, in terms of efficiency, it’s like having an extra server on the floor.

“Having been in the restaurant business for many years, without a doubt the cloud-based solution and tableside ordering capability improves the customer experience exponentially through fewer errors and expedient services,” Fiorile said.

Fiorile estimates the Vexilor tablet POS technology reduces table turn time by 5-10 minutes because servers don’t have to walk back to a station to enter orders.

“The prompts in the tablet technology have great upselling and reporting capabilities,” Fiorile said. “There are particular upsells that come up for each item.”

For example, Fiorile said there is a Monster grilled cheese sandwich on the menu that upsells with chicken for $3 extra or beef for $4 extra.

“It’s been a seamless transition for staff,” he said. “Most of the employees are college-aged kids and it took them no time to learn this. We’re able to run tables faster with at least a five-minute improvement.”

Fiorile said the Vexilor tablets also offer a full integration with Givex’s extensive loyalty program.

“We’ll launch the loyalty program this month,” Fiorile said. “When customers swipe their loyalty cards, the server can bring up Mr. Smith’s last order when he was there, his birthday, and it will help us look at his earned points. We’ll implement tiers so when customers reach a certain threshold, they can receive a free Herschel Walker T-shirt, or have a meet and greet with Herschel, all kinds of fun rewards.”

Herschel’s Famous 34 Pub & Grill Walker offers 34 craft brews and 34 flavors of wings, juicy grilled steaks and burgers, signature sandwich creations, seafood, healthy selections, and salads. Sports fans can watch games on six 60-inch screen televisions. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available and guests may view special messages from Herschel Walker on tableside iPads. Wall décor in the restaurant depicts Walker’s athletic achievements and personal accomplishments. 

Retail items including autographed menus, footballs, helmets and apparel are available for purchase. Information is available at

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