Verint’s Engagement Analytics Pinpoints Opportunities Along the Customer Journey

Verint Customer JourneyVerint Systems this week launched Verint Engagement Analytics, which provides Actionable Intelligence® surrounding the journeys customers take across the rapidly expanding array of channels they use to connect to companies.

Alain Stephan, Global Vice President, Customers Analytics Practice, Verint, participated in an engaging Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss his company’s new offering.

What prompted the creation of Verint Engagement Analytics and what makes it unique in the marketplace?

In today’s ever-changing customer experience landscape, organizations need all the insight they can find to compete effectively, much less gain a leg up in the marketplace. However, for many companies, the customer data needed for better and faster decision-making is trapped within departmental silos, leaving little visibility and understanding across channels, interactions, processes and outcomes.

Verint Engagement Analytics™ is a powerful, cloud-based software and services offering that captures, analyzes and correlates customer interactions, behaviors and journeys across all channels. This latest addition to the company’s patent-protected portfolio of customer analytics solutions enables business leaders to gain a single view of the customer experience, pinpoint areas of opportunity and deficiency, and develop strategies to address them.

Verint Engagement Analytics is a robust analytics platform that captures customer, employee, transaction and interaction data from different channels and systems and aggregates the data into an intuitive online dashboard. Powerful algorithms and visualizations provide an omnichannel view of customer journeys, identify key drivers and root causes of consumer behavior and deliver cross-channel metrics—such as customer effort and satisfaction—to understand customers and predict outcomes.

How can marketers use this to improve customer engagement/loyalty?

Customer Engagement Analytics It’s critical that companies engage customers where they want, when they want, and how they want. Verint Engagement Analytics can pinpoint where opportunities exist to improve processes throughout the customer journey. The analytics platform deploys powerful algorithms and visualizations to help organizations use contextual customer intelligence to deliver highly personalized service through predictive analytics, next best actions and offers and cross-channel KPIs.

Business leaders know that data and insights alone won’t deliver results. When combined with Verint Workforce Optimization™ and KANA® customer service solutions, Verint Engagement Analytics helps deliver Actionable Intelligence® where and when it matters most, empowering organizations to move the needle by directly integrating the insights into operational tools to engage more effectively with both customers and employees.

This unique and industry-leading combination of insights and action is why Verint’s so excited about this new offering. Engagement Analytics truly delivers a data-driven solution that helps your brand to stand apart from competitors by communicating with one voice, acting as one team, and delivering as one company—across all channels, interactions and touch points.

What does this solution do to enhance the data process?

Verint can help simplify the complexity of big data challenges associated with the customer experience by providing an end-to-end, omnichannel view of the customer journey, identifying engagement drivers and root causes, and enabling organizations to take action and create a more personalized engagement while reducing customer churn and risk.

By evaluating interactions across all channels—including web and mobile activity, phone interactions, emails, chats, secure messages, case notes, social media messages, desktop activity, employee performance and survey responses—using a centralized solution, organizations can quickly determine where to focus customer engagement efforts for the greatest impact. Customer journeys across channels can be segmented, targeted and tracked to help understand trends, journey dynamics and the root causes of issues. But it requires going beyond customer interactions; it also comes from gathering and analyzing data from the organization’s support functions—linking the front office with the back office to align customer-centric processes and employee behaviors across the enterprise.

Through the use of omnichannel data capture and analytics, visualizations and automated journey mapping, Verint Engagement Analytics helps companies gain a deeper, more contextual understanding of employee and customer experience and drive immediate real-time customer engagement.

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