Using Gated, Personalized Offers to Build Loyalty and Make Connections

It is no secret that brand loyalty becomes harder and harder to come by as consumers are inundated with choices. Businesses need to find ways to break through the clutter and meet consumers where they are. SheerID helps brands build emotional connections with consumers by rewarding communities like students or the military with special offers. By marketing to customers based on an important aspect of their identity, brands can improve customer engagement and collect valuable data to build loyalty. 

CEO of Loyalty360, Mark Johnson, spoke with Bill Schneider, Vice President of Product Marketing for SheerID, about Bill’s upcoming session at the Loyalty360 Loyalty Expo, “How to Earn Long-Term Loyalty in a World of Economic Uncertainty.” 


Schneider brings with him over twenty years in the B2B2C technology space. During this time, he was a part of several major trends in the way brands learn about their customers to communicate more effectively, through web analytics, mobile engagement and most recently identity marketing.

“It’s amazing how you can change the world with a little bit of code,” he notes.

Getting to Know and Serve Customers Better with Technology

Customer loyalty is a hot topic, especially for those of us involved at Loyatly360. But brands often have different ways of defining customer loyalty. So, what does customer loyalty mean to SheerID?

“Simply put,” says Scheider, “it’s someone who repeatedly chooses your brand over the alternatives.”

That is all well and good, but how does a brand get to that point? 

Schneider continues, “It’s about building a deeper connection.” SheerID has worked with hundreds of leading brands and witnessed the power of connecting with a person based on how they identify to groups to which they belong. Teachers, students, military personnel, nurses, all of these communities have an inherent bond and a meaningful connection with the individuals in them. When brands recognize and reward consumers for being a part of these communities, it increases customer engagement and builds lifetime value which ultimately creates the coveted emotional connection to the brand.

With the implementation of the new privacy regulations, today, nine out of ten marketers are looking for ways to invest in first and zero-party data. 

With a strong background in web analytics and mobile engagement, Schneider has witnessed first-hand the deprecation of third-party data. Now within the identity space, he stresses that the most important factor in data collection is to ensure the consumer has control over their data and has a direct understanding of how their data will be used.

Today’s cookie collection must be opt-in and with an added incentive to share the information with marketers. The clear value exchange is what will encourage customers to share information. 

SheerID’s Identity Marketing platform provides brands with a way to offer personalized incentives within targeted communities (students, nurses, military, etc.). Consumers who sign up for the offers share basic information with the company to demonstrate they are eligible to receive the offer, such as a discount code. SheerID verifies the data, and the customer receives access to the reward. This demonstrates a clear value exchange where the consumer receives the reward while the brand earns a sale and collects valuable data.

Earning Long-Term Loyalty in Economic Uncertainty

Schneider will be joined by Stephanie Bormon, VP of Global Marketing at Molecule, to present a session at the 2022 Loyalty Expo titled “How to Earn Long-Term Loyalty in a World of Economic Uncertainty.” The session will cover key topics such as:

  • How to create digital conversations that make an impact
  • How to collect data that is meaningful to customers 
  • How to build programs that generate word of mouth 
  • How to capture actionable first- and zero-party data by building the right incentives
  • How to create incentives that reactivate dormant loyalty members with personalized offers

The team will discuss ways to develop personalized loyalty programs that build trust, the foundation of loyalty. These topics will be covered in correlation with the current economic state and uncertainty businesses and consumers are both experiencing. 

The session will be especially insightful for those wanting to learn more about how marketing to specific identity groups can create an emotional connection that creates a lasting bond with a customer.

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