Uber and American Express recently announced a partnership to offer businesses rewards whenever they pay for rides using a corporate AMEX card.

To earn points, riders simply need to create a business profile within the Uber app and pay for the ride with their corporate American Express card. Riders will earn two to six points per dollar. Additionally, under the partnership, reward benefits will double, jumping to 2x on Uber Pool, 4x on Uber X, and 6x on Uber Black. After hitting 500 points, users can select a reward from options such as $5 cashback in Uber cash or no Uber Eats delivery fees. For those that pay for rides with their Amex corporate card, this essentially equates back to 2 to 6 percent on all Uber rides.

American Express corporate Gold and Platinum have access to additional benefits, such as priority pickups at most US airports and platinum cardholders get an additional benefit of getting the most highly rated drivers available – which for those that travel for business often, can be a great perk and valuable time saver.

Businesses with more than one corporate cardholder can pool the points earned or allow employees to keep the points.

The new partnership with Uber is the latest in a series of changes that American Express announced for corporate cardholders.

“Listening to our customers and evolving our offerings to fit their changing needs is a key reason we’ve been able to maintain our leadership position in the Corporate Card space,” Anna Marrs, President, Global Commercial Services says.

“This reinvention of our Corporate Cards, coupled with the introduction of the Corporate Program for Startups, will provide our customers the powerful backing and world-class service they need to compete in an ever-changing business environment,” Marrs adds. 

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