Uber and Airmiles PartnerMobile app-based transportation company Uber recently announced a national partnership where new Uber riders will receive AIR MILES Reward Miles. This unique partnership elevates innovation and customer loyalty to the fore.

Natasha Lasiuk, Associate Director, Marketing AIR MILES, explained to Loyalty360 about this unique partnership.

“At AIR MILES, we are always looking to partner with innovative brands that bring value to our Collectors’ daily lives. Uber is one of those services that so many of our Collectors already use, or at least know about, and see value in using, so it really made sense. AIR MILES helps brands strengthen relationships they have with consumers and reach new consumers.”

The partnership was announced Oct. 15. From that point through Nov. 15, new Uber riders will receive 100 Miles when they take their first ride with Uber and use the AIRMILES promo code. More offers will continue to roll out after Nov. 15 for new Uber riders.

“With this launch, for a limited time, we are focusing on new riders, giving them 100 Miles to encourage them to try out the service,” Lasiuk added. “We will roll out further promotions and offers in the future.”Building customer loyalty

A non-exclusive agreement with Uber, the AIR MILES Reward Program has and will continue to expand its transportation services portfolio in a way that addresses consumers’ interests, expectations, and standards that respect and facilitate choice.

Customer loyalty is a prominent theme in the partnership, Lasiuk said. 

“Loyalty has evolved and people are looking for different ways to engage with rewards programs,” Lasiuk explained. “At AIR MILES, along with traditional Dream Rewards, Collectors are also looking for instant benefits, which could mean getting money off your grocery bill, right at the cash register, or a special surprise, just by showing your AIR MILES Card at events we activate across the country. With this in mind, we are re-defining rewards, going beyond tangible goods and striving to be a brand that celebrates those every day moments of joy, making the journey as fun as the reward itself.”

AIR MILES Collectors can now earn Miles when they sign up for an Uber account and take their first ride through the Uber app.

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