Twitter Customer Engagement

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo wants to remove barriers for consumer consumption so customer engagement will grow exponentially.

During his Feb. 5 fourth-quarter earnings results conference call, Costolo explained how he wants to remove those barriers to consumption from Twitter’s most active users to someone visiting Twitter for the first time.

“We want people to immediately get value out of Twitter and always see content that is meaningful and relevant to them,” Costolo said, according to Seeking Alpha. “There are more than 6,000 tweets a minute every day. What one person sees on Twitter is just a very narrow slice of all the amazing content we have on the platform and we have an obligation to better organize content and deliver it in compelling ways to our total audience.”

Costolo said that every month more than a half a billion unique visitors come to Twitter but don’t log in. He hopes to spark brand loyalty through Twitter’s innovations underway.

“We’ve been working hard on a compelling product for logged out users and just this week we launched an initial experiment of a logged out home page,” he explained. “We’re going to learn a lot from this initial experiment and I expect just iterate quickly based on those lessons learned. The content people see will be based on algorithms as well as curation. Secondly, it has to be just as easy for logged in users who follow a large number of accounts to quickly catch up. A couple weeks ago, we introduced a new feature called Value or Away. The name is fairly self-explanatory. It shows you a few tweets you might be interested in that you might have missed if you haven't been logged into Twitter for a few hours. We’ve been testing this for some time internally and I think it’s an elegant way of delivering compelling and engaging tweets to users, the moment they come back to the platform.”

What’s more, Costolo focused on the company’s three objectives: Strengthen the core; remove barriers to consumption; and build new applications and services.

“When I talk about strengthening the core, what I mean is making Twitter more engaging, valuable, and easy for logged in users,” Costolo explained. “On our Q3 earnings call and again at our Analyst Day, we outlined three specific things we would do in this area. One, introduce better media creation and consumption. Two, enhance private messaging between users and groups and three, improve the new user experience and it easier for people to immediately get value out of Twitter the moment they sign up.”

Costolo discussed native mobile video.

“We’re clearly at the very beginning of mobile video sharing and we’ll see with video what we’ve seen with photos on abundance of creation and consumption happening from the device we have with us all the time,” he explained. “We started our foray into video with Vine, which continues to do quite well and is seeing significant growth in consumption, they’re now seeing more than 1.5 billion Vine loops a day and we’ve also been bringing video to Twitter through publishers and advertisers over the last several months via both our amplify program and our rollout of tools to professional publishers. The data all tell us that people love watching video on Twitter and marketers are seeing great engagement along with tons of earned media.”

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