TROY, Mich.—When Tropicana® recently launched Tropicana Juicy Rewards™, a unique     program that helps families get more from their juice with thousands of     ways to save on healthy and fun pursuits, the premier juice brand chose     to partner with a company that could provide geographically targeted,      best-in-class discount coupons in cities and towns nationwide –      Entertainment Publications.

Consumers who purchase Tropicana Pure Premium® or Trop50® can enter     codes online at and start saving immediately. Just one     carton of orange juice is worth up to $15 in savings and a carton of     Trop50 is worth up to $30 in savings.

Entertainment Publications, best known for the Entertainment Book®  and     online coupon savings site,      has a proprietary database of discount offers from more than 60,000     retail, dining, travel and activities providers in 175,000 locations.      Corporate Marketing Solutions (CMS), a division of Entertainment,  has a     20-year track record of building customized discount and promotion       programs like Juicy Rewards, for companies to use in their loyalty       initiatives.

With merchant locations in more than 160 markets across North America,      Entertainment is able to provide Tropicana with coupons that offer       strong local appeal in each market and fulfill their promise of fun and     savings “around the corner and across the country.”

“The Tropicana Juicy Rewards program is a great concept, and we’re       delighted to provide the solution they need,” said Ted Speers,  vice     president of Corporate Marketing Solutions at Entertainment     Publications. “We continue to meet the goals of our corporate customers     with our combination of customizable database segmentation and       best-in-class merchant discounts. We’ve been told it sets us apart.”

“With Tropicana Juicy Rewards, the best juice got better,” said Andrew     Hartshorn, Director of Marketing for Tropicana. “This is a     first-of-its-kind program that really lets our consumers realize great     savings. With Entertainment as a partner, we are able to deliver breadth     of offerings at a local level.”

Through Tropicana Juicy Rewards, consumers can earn points that are     redeemable for discounts on dining, health, sports, outdoor,  travel,      home services and other categories.

Entertainment Publications, LLC:

Founded in 1962, Entertainment Publications, LLC is the leading provider     of the most recognized and sought-after discounts and promotions     products in communities throughout North America. Entertainment     Publications, LLC provides a mutually beneficial solution for consumers     looking to spend less on the things they love to do, businesses seeking     to increase sales and community partners searching for effective     fundraising solutions. Working with more than 60,000 local and national     partners representing 175,000 merchant locations nationwide, and more     than 40,000 schools, charities and community groups, Entertainment       Publications, LLC helps stimulate the U. S. economy, generating more     than $6.5 billion in revenue for the communities it serves.

Entertainment Publications, LLC distributes a diverse suite of products     including: The Entertainment® membership book; custom local coupon       products, online member discount sites, specialized promotions designed     for corporate clients, Sally Foster® gift wrap and gift products and a     line of cookie dough and other gourmet edibles. For more information on     how Corporate Marketing Solutions can customize a program to meet a       company’s needs, visit

Entertainment Publications, LLC is a privately held company,  acquired in     June 2008 by MH Equity Investors, a subsidiary of MHE Private Equity     Fund, LLC.

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