Treading the Minefield of Beacon-triggered Customer Messaging

When it comes to in-store beacon-triggered messages, consumers don’t have much patience for abundance.

Like an individual with an overly clingy significant other, most shoppers just need “some space.” According to a recent study’s findings from InMarket, beacon-triggered messages result in a 45% engagement rate on first occurrence, but a second pushed message yields a staggering 313% drop in app usage – most of which are app deletions. In order for marketers to take advantage of that consumer sweet spot, once is enough.

“Today it looks like one is the optimal number,” Todd Dipaola, CEO of InMarket, said in a release. “The issue is how often does the shopper want the app to buzz in their pocket.”

The study surveyed 100,000 mobile shoppers across grocery, mass merchant, department stores, and malls.

When faced against traditional push notifications, beacon-triggered geolocation messages yield significantly higher engagement – five times more than traditional ones. This is an increasingly important lesson for marketers, who are challenged to meet customers where they’re at, and with offers that are most temporally relevant.

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