Customer Experience Caesars Caesars Entertainment’s Total Rewards Social loyalty program offers ways for its members to use the program in their everyday lives, making it a comprehensive offering with great value.

Due to its enviable structure and performance, Caesar Entertainment’s Total Rewards Social loyalty program hit the jackpot after it received a Gold Award in the Best Loyalty or Rewards Program category at the second annual 2015 Loyalty360 Awards, which were handed out during the 8th annual Loyalty Expo presented by Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketers’ Association.

Loyalty Expo was held April 27-29, 2015, at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

Loyalty360 caught up with Michael Marino, Caesars Entertainment’s VP of Customer Loyalty, to discuss the program and Michael Marino told Loyalty360. 

Can you talk about Caesars’ customer loyalty approach, as far as what is involved, and why you think it resonates so well with your customers?

The Total Rewards program is a national / international program with nearly 40 resorts and casinos options. 

Our members can earn status in our program through all of their activity at our resorts – gaming, dining, spa visits, etc. They also can earn and redeem Rewards Credits at any of our properties and are able to see a consolidated view of their Rewards on our website. For example, earn in New Orleans, redeem in Las Vegas. The network and the consistency of the experience within the network are primary drivers of our customer loyalty. Our Kansas City customers know that when they make a trip to Vegas with us, they will be treated in a similar manner to their ‘home property’. 

What are your customer loyalty goals and how have the results matched or exceeded your expectations?

One of our primary customer loyalty goals is to provide reasons for our guests to use Total Rewards in their everyday lives, not just while they are visiting our Total Rewards resorts and casinos.

Over the past few years we have added several ways to keep earning and redeeming rewards away from our resorts and casinos – our goal and success has been in creating a program that guests can use anytime, anywhere for almost anything. We offer a variety of ways to earn and redeem Reward Credits from home including our TR Visa credit card, purchasing sports tickets through TR Live events, shopping through our TR Marketplace, staying at Starwood hotels, and most recently through our online social games with TR Social. 

How do you define Customer Loyalty and how does Customer Feedback impact that theme?

Customer loyalty is when a guest trusts your program/brand enough to choose it over all others, even when those options are comparable. And through that trust the guest is comfortable in providing feedback instead of just walking away. Feedback from our guests allows us to respond and build a relationship of trust that leads to loyalty. We have increased our frequency of education based communication with our customers as a direct result of our inbound customer feedback.

With an abundance of technology solutions available in the marketplace, how do you know which ones best fit your customers and their expectations?

Our guests cover a wide range of technical savviness, so we need to allow for adoption over time for most of our new technologies. Our transitions generally build off of familiar technologies (websites, phone app, property kiosks, etc.) so our guests are able to adapt to the changes and enjoy the new capabilities without instant frustration.

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