Toluna, a consumer intelligence platform provider that delivers real-time insights to companies of all sizes, has announced a partnership with NeoCurrency, an all-digital rewards company that uses data to identify the best rewards and prizes that drive loyalty participation and purchase.
NeoCurrency will allow Toluna Influencers to receive a Bitcoin Gift Card (cryptocurrency provided by as a reward option for sharing their opinion on brands, products, and services via the Toluna Community. By including this option in its reward catalog, Toluna Influencers have the opportunity to exchange their points for a Bitcoin Digital Card with a value of $20.
Toluna’s digital community is a keystone of its Insights on Demand platform. The brand places a special focus on listening to consumer feedback and reacting accordingly. Cryptocurrency is a growing global phenomenon that is changing the way consumers shop and spend money. Seeing this trend, Toluna offers Bitcoin as a reward option to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements and to provide value to influencers and brands.
Toluna recently polled its community to gauge if a cryptocurrency rewards option was of interest, and over one third of the community responded positively. The company then began the process of selecting a partner to provide a digital-first benefit to its users.
“For me, this partnership came about as part of our ongoing mission at Toluna to be a digital and technological leader, being disruptive in the marketplace and constantly innovating our consumer community, which is one of our unique selling points that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Phil Ahad, Chief Digital Officer at Toluna. “Providing our influencers with cryptocurrency reward options proves Toluna’s ability to be agile with consumer feedback, and to act as pioneers in a market that does not focus heavily on cryptocurrency.”
For security reasons, the redemption process to cash out points for Bitcoin has multiple layers of protection. NeoCurrency has an IP blacklist and whitelist, as well as trigger security for different types of fraud-based events. Reward links can be deactivated on demand to prevent fraud as well, ensuring Toluna’s commitment to data quality and protection. As more and more retailers are accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment, this partnership enables users to take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrency in a way that they otherwise may not have access to.
“We are excited to offer an innovative digital reward for the Toluna Influencer community,” says Geoff Miller, President of NeoCurrency. “Toluna’s mission is to be a digital and technological leader in research. NeoCurrency is an all-digital company that is built to modernize rewards. This makes for a great partnership. Offering influencers the ability to receive a Bitcoin Gift Card for their effort is an innovative reward. Most people have heard about Bitcoin, but this may be the first time many will actually have a chance to own and use cryptocurrency.”
The company will continue to focus on providing marketers with on-demand consumer insights to enable agility, innovation, and disruption in today’s crowded market.

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