A few short years ago, social media was new and marketers were cautious about the medium. Dollars were often applied to this channel on a testing basis. 

Now social media marketing is regarded as an established channel that can drive both loyalty and purchase. However, while most brands likely see the importance of social participation, it is sometimes difficult to determine what the right moves are to take. Establishing a social presence requires execution of established best practices that garner credibility and trust from your audience. Driving response is achieved through investment in key action-based tactics. 

The universal tenets that should be followed by all direct marketers to create a meaningful social presence are reciprocity, relevancy and commitment. Reciprocity is the most fundamental characteristic of any social communication. Simply put, reciprocity implies a two-way relationship of asking and telling, speaking and listening, acting and reacting with your customers. 

When someone chooses to listen to you, or to follow you, they do so with an expectation that you will cover a topic that is relevant to them. Digression too far from that expectation will result in damage to your credibility and lost audience.

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