The Time Is Right for a Loyalty Program at Hannaford Supermarkets

Better late than never. Until now.
For Hannaford Supermarkets, which was founded in 1883, a loyalty program never existed. On Jan. 21, however, Hannaford launched My Hannaford Rewards, a loyalty program that adds rewards for store-brand items and leaves prices untouched.
Loyalty program members earn a 2 percent reward on every store-brand item purchased—including fresh meat, seafood, and deli items, as well as thousands of packaged products across the store. Roughly 5,200 fresh and center-store items qualify for rewards in an averaged-sized Hannaford store. Shoppers also receive personalized coupon offers for the national- and regional-brand products they buy.
Last year, Hannaford launched My Hannaford Rewards among associates and as a pilot in 11 stores around Burlington, Vt. In each case, enrollment and use of the program far surpassed expectations, as participants enjoyed the benefits of regularly shopping with My Hannaford Rewards.
Four days ago, Hannaford launched the program in its remaining 181 stores. Based in Scarborough, Maine, Hannaford stores are located in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Hannaford employs more than 26,000 associates.
“We chose not to launch a rewards program until the technology and concept came together so that we could create a program that is meaningful, easy to use, and represents entirely added value for customers,” Hannaford Supermarkets spokesman Eric Blom told Loyalty360. “The time was right.”
Why was the timing right?
“Customers’ comfort with the use of digital technology and with curated product offers were two factors,” Blom explained.
The program is different from traditional supermarket loyalty programs because in-store prices remain the same for all customers whether they enroll in My Hannaford Rewards or not. By contrast, club models or two-tiered loyalty programs require customers to subscribe to access a better level of store pricing.
As an added “thank-you” for participating in the program, the first 400,000 customers who sign up will receive free grocery offers.
It is easy to join and easy to use. Customers can sign up in one of three ways:
Download the app and use it as a gateway to sign up for the program, and to access the many benefits of My Hannaford Rewards.
Go to and sign up right through the website.
Visit any Hannaford store, where signing up can be done in person.
Users earn rewards every time they shop by scanning their app or entering their phone number at the register. These rewards may be redeemed quarterly, with the total earned being deducted from the customer’s bill during their next shopping trip.
“My Hannaford Rewards will help us to better understand and meet the needs of individual customers, as we gather information about what they like to buy, when, and where,” Blom added. “This information will allow us to personalize coupon offers and provides customers with another reason to shop at Hannaford. The program offers dollar-based rewards and very personalized coupon offers in an entirely digital format. Our consumer research demonstrated that customers wanted a rewards program that was easy to use and in keeping with the Hannaford brand.”

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