The Tea Spot Introduces New Loyalty Program to Incentivize Behavior and Drive Social Experience

The Tea Spot has always been focused on its customers since its inception in 2004, and the premium tea retailer recently announced a new loyalty program that will continue to optimize customer engagement.

In conjunction with a new website, the roll-out of this loyalty program will launch next month and will reward customers for online interactions. Customers will now earn points for behaviors like social media sharing, writing product reviews, and signing up for their email newsletter.

“Our new Loyalty Points Program will make the customer experience more engaging, interactive and fun,” Katie Young, Customer Service and Social Media Manager for The Tea Spot, told Loyalty360. “Instead of just shopping, people can get social with us and earn credit toward their next purchases. We’re adding new ways to earn points and aim to make the overall experience more personal.”

Over the past 10 years, The Tea Spot has amassed a loyal customer base. The shop gained local popularity as a teahouse in Boulder, Colorado during its first five years, and has since grown to focus efforts on its online tea store, blog, and social media communities. With an emphasis on customer service, The Tea Shop’s various features include Live Chat instant messaging, rapid response-time to email and social media messages, and same-day shipping.

In addition to receiving points for online purchases, this new loyalty program will incentivize customers to participate more with The Tea Spot’s online community.

New customers will initially receive points for creating an account and signing up for The Tea spot’s email newsletter. Registered customers, then, are incentivized to share products with their social media communities via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and to share products with friends using the email feature on product pages. Customers can earn additional points by writing product reviews after making online purchases, and will receive bonus points automatically every year on their birthday.

And while the various tea collections and loose tea offerings drive this online retailer, Young says that they are committed to their customers above all.

“Our business is key, but we love our people,” Young added. “Our top priority every day is to delight our customers and reward them for their relationship with us.”

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