The Right Way to Write Loyalty Copy

HelloWorld is a digital marketing solutions company that specializes in the creative strategy and development of loyalty programs. It uses technology and marketing campaigns to create brand-customer interactions, drive demand, and accelerate growth.

Loyalty360 recently sat down with their Copy Director, J. Autumn Nelson, to discuss the future of loyalty messaging. Here’s what we found out.
Loyalty360: When writing for loyalty, what is the most important goal to keep in mind?
J. Autumn Nelson: Before you even begin typing, ask yourself: “How can I simplify their life in the most personalized way?” It is our job to make them feel appreciated and completely empowered within the experience. A loyalty engagement program should feel like one continuous conversation. Keeping it seamless establishes a solid foundation of trust. Without trust, there is no repeat behavior.
Loyalty360: Share one trick to use when crafting content.
J. Autumn Nelson: When writing for a beloved brand, write from the point of view of a trusted best friend. Be the ultimate bestie who doesn’t judge. That voice and tone should be supportive every step of the way. Cheer on their progress. They are taking time to invest in your brand, so be their number one fan. After all, it’s truly a cherished relationship. If done right, they will become a raving fan.    
Loyalty360: In your opinion, what makes for the most successful loyalty programs?
J. Autumn Nelson: Success is when a brand makes a deep emotional connection. Why not make their heart beat a little faster? Make them smile during a stressful day. It’s when loyalty goes beyond “a give and get” – and brings in real emotions into the fold. Beyond rewarding behavior, such as a guaranteed gift or even a surprise and delight, those are the unforgettable moments. Real moments that are so exhilarating, they cannot wait to tell somebody about it... or better yet, brag about it on social media.  
Loyalty360: What is the biggest mistake copywriters make when writing for loyalty?
J. Autumn Nelson: A very common mistake is when directional copy is too difficult to understand. When it is too copy-heavy, there is risk for immediate drop off. You must always anticipate their next move, and be one step ahead. Provide reassurance and confirmation. The overall experience should feel effortless. Be proactive, or they’ll move on because it’s just too complex or confusing.
Loyalty360: Where do you see loyalty copy progressing in 2019?
J. Autumn Nelson: I think the arc of the conversation will continue to evolve. It’ll be more dynamic and intuitive. Conversations with a brand will be weaved into smart speaker technology for a more holistic experience. Copywriters must think of every possible scenario and be ready with authentic responses. It’s very exciting to see how fiercely creative we can be in this new frontier. We’ll quickly discover the many avenues where we can navigate and nurture the brand-consumer relationship. It’s easy to say that 2019 will be the year of the voice... as we find our voice in smart speaker engagement.

Loyalty360: Tell us, what does HelloWorld do differently in terms of loyalty?
J. Autumn Nelson: At HelloWorld, our goal is to truly humanize brand loyalty. To spark and sustain interest… and sprinkle in fun surprises along the way. For the entire creative process, we are in lock-step with the Strategy Team. From supportive brainstorms to our deliverable, that partnership is essential in producing stellar work. We love what we do, and it shows.   
J. Autumn Nelson is an award-winning writer and Copy Director at HelloWorld, A Merkle Company.


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