The New Rules of Gaining and Sustaining Customer Trust to Drive Personalized Customer Experiences - Loyalty360 & Jebbit Webinar Preview

In today’s digitally connected world, data is the world’s most valuable – and often most challenging – resource. From driving the ability to offer unique experiences, personalize content, and deliver targeted offers – data is at the center of all of it.

As a result, brands are racing to collect more and more data, but with an increase in data misuse, breaches, and confusion on where, how, or who is using the data, customers are sometimes hesitant to share this information. Also, new data and privacy regulations are taking shape around the world, challenging some of the ways marketers traditionally collected, stored, and used customer data.

All marketers want to get to know their customers better, but how can they do so in a manner that is responsible, effective, and mutually beneficial? In an upcoming Loyalty360 webinar, Jonathan Lacoste of Jebbit will share insights on how brands can drive digital personalization in an era of customer mistrust.

Loyalty360 recently had the chance to speak with Jonathan for a quick preview of the upcoming webinar.

Join us for the live webinar, Building Consumer Trust in an Era of Mistrust, on April 1 at 1pm ET – Click here to register.
Q: Can you give us a quick background on Jebbit (what you do/how you do it) and your role?
A: Jebbit is a software platform that enables anyone to build beautiful, interactive experiences that consumers love engaging with. By leveraging best-in-class templates, users can build anything from simple lead forms or surveys to robust interactive experiences, such as a Product Match quiz. Each experience enables teams to capture declared data - like interests, preferences, and motivations - directly from consumers to power simple personalization. Jebbit is the all-in-one platform that enables your team to quickly create, publish, and optimize your digital experiences and declared data strategy.
In my role as President, I oversee the customer-facing side of Jebbit, from Sales and Marketing to Customer Success. My job is to evangelize Jebbit to the world, but it is also to make sure that the voices of our existing customers are heard and that they get the most possible value out of our platform.
Q: Data, privacy, and personalization are all hot topics today, and during the webinar on April 1, we will dive into how all of them impact the current state of consumer trust. Can you give us an overview of the webinar and why this is such a pressing topic for brands?
A: When it comes to consumer marketing, we’ve reached a convergence of data, privacy, and personalization. On the one hand, audiences are demanding more personalized experiences from brands in every sector. Retail, CPG, sports, travel, entertainment. You name it, and the demand is there. On the other, a rise in high-profile data breaches has made consumers more wary about sharing their data, and government regulation - like GDPR and CCPA - has made it harder for brands to collect and keep the consumer data they need to offer the personalization that their audiences are asking for. And this was all happening before the current COVID-19 pandemic turned consumer interactions nearly 100% digital. Now, brands must look to build loyalty and trust in a safe and secure way without ever interacting with customers face to face.
In this webinar, we’ll look at research Jebbit has done to measure consumers’ current level of brand trust. We’ll also talk about some of the strategies that brands can deploy to increase that trust, provide better personalization, and develop more loyal customer bases along the way.
Q: How do you define or view consumer trust? How is trust earned – and can a brand win it back?
A: Consumer trust - like any type of trust - takes time to earn, but can easily be wiped away in one fell swoop. At Jebbit, we’ve found that the best way to build a strong foundation of trust is by offering consumers a genuine exchange of value. They are doing you a service when they provide you with the data you need to create audience segments and targeted ads, so it’s only fair to offer them something in return. While this can be a monetary incentive like a sweepstakes or a discount code, we’ve seen that consumers are nearly as likely to engage if you just give them fun and interactive content. Depending on your goals, this could be a live poll, a personality quiz, a product match, or an interactive lookbook. The key is to make sure that they feel they are getting something of value from you in return.
It’s also important that you use the data you collect in a responsible way. Generally speaking, consumers want brands to only store and use personal info relevant to products they might buy, and don’t want brands to show them ads, offers, or messages based on data they didn’t willingly share.
Brands build consumer trust when they activate the data they’ve collected to deliver a more personal experience. If you aren’t activating your data quickly and with the purpose of delivering a better experience, consumers begin to wonder what their data is being used for.
Q: Who would most benefit from attending your webinar?
A: Anyone with a role in marketing or product will learn a lot from this webinar, but loyalty, email, and CRM teams - anyone who works with an owned audience - should definitely tune in.
Q: What are two or three takeaways someone can expect to learn from attending?
A: Without giving too much away, I hope everyone who attends the webinar will walk away with a picture of what the current state of consumer trust looks like, which brands are winning and which are losing, and more importantly, why those brands are winning or losing.
You can also expect to learn about the role that CRM and loyalty marketing teams play in building and maintaining consumer trust, plus some takeaways around what you can do - both short term and long term - to improve that level of trust.
Join us for the live webinar, Building Consumer Trust in an Era of Mistrust, on April 1 at 1pm ET – Click here to register.

After the live event, we will send all registrants a recording of the webinar. If you can’t join us on April 1 at 1pm, be sure to register, and we will still send you a copy of the recording. As always, this Loyalty360 webinar is free to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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