the first club Launches Online Home for the growing USA Rewards and Loyalty Industry

LOS ANGELES, October 1, 2010—the first club today announced the launch of its new global site and plans to revolutionize the reward and loyalty industry by being the first worldwide solution offering a fresh approach to instant rewards for customers and employees. Focused on loyalty programs, incentive campaigns, sales promotion and corporate rewards, it is designed to help companies boost existing reward and loyalty campaigns by creating a gateway to the entertainment world.

Solely in the U.S. there are $700 billion* worth of unused loyalty card points that are not redeemed. The typical consumer has numerous loyalty cards, but often doesn’t know how to benefit from loyalty programs. Each time consumers fail to redeem their points, it’s a missed opportunity. the first club gives consumers the possibility to redeem their points immediately by downloading content to their mobile phones, eReaders or laptops for instant use and own it to use again in the future.

Working with major publishers such as, Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount, Roxio and Electronic Arts, the first club is also able to offer to the end-user a catalog that is reflective of each country’s content and culture, with the service currently available in 14 languages. The result is the ultimate international entertainment catalog of premium content.

Jill Goldworn, president and co-founder of the first club, comments: “Every year millions of reward points remain unredeemed; these “orphan points” are terribly costly for companies and unsatisfying for their customers. By having the cost saving alternative option of instantly redeeming reward points via a download rewards program, the first club is meeting the demand of today’s savvy consumer and forward thinking brands”.

With the launch of its new site the first club has also made a powerful move to address the growing needs of the rewards and loyalty industry and further strengthen communications with customers and business partners. The new corporate website provides key information on its range of services, presentation of the different programs and their benefits.

More information on the first club services can be found by visiting the first (

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