Customer loyalty solutions provider Thanx took another big step forward on Tuesday with the launch of the Thanx Branded App. The app allows businesses to incorporate a full-fledged mobile loyalty app at a steep discount compared to the process of developing a standalone system. The app is already live for several partners, including Lou Malnati’s, SusieCakes, and 2nd Time Around, a chain of East Coast fashion boutiques.
“At 2nd Time Around, we are constantly searching for ways to connect and engage with our customers BETTER—across every touch point. And, through those interactions, learn more about the customer so we can simply serve them better. The Thanx Branded App connects us to our most loyal customers through direct one-to-one mobile communication,” said Kristin Kohler Burrows, president and CEO of 2nd Time Around. “With the Thanx Branded App, we benefit from actionable data, on-demand push notifications, real-time Net Promoter Scores (NPS) tied to customer lifetime value, and detailed customer segmentation. It’s important for us to know exactly how much money each customer spends and precisely how satisfied they are after each visit… and now we actually can.”
Using customer data gathered through the Thanx Branded App, brands will ideally be able to fine-tune customer experience and further customize offers and messaging according to individual consumer preferences.
Perhaps most valuable to brands is the removal of tedious (and expensive) point-of-sale changes necessary with many other loyalty solutions. Brands using the Thanx Branded App are able to maintain familiar payment and technology processes, creating a seamless transition for customers and employees alike. The app works to provide existing shoppers with the added value and personalization necessary to drive authentic and measureable loyalty.
“Since 2011, Thanx has delivered industry-leading retention marketing and customer analytics for merchants throughout the country,” said Zach Goldstein, founder and CEO of Thanx. “Though discerning brands have wanted to engage customers via mobile for a long time, they weren't prepared to settle for a poor quality product, or force consumers through a friction-filled loyalty experience. And now — they don't have to. Our elite San Francisco-located engineering team develops our Branded Apps entirely in-house, ensuring the loyalty experience is just as effortless as always.”

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