- New Paper from Allegiance, Inc. Shows How Technology Can Be Used to     Uncover Insights from Freeform Customer Comments -

SALT LAKE CITY—Consumers generate an incredible amount of online content about brands     by posting comments that are publicly available to everyone. Most     compelling, these comments are not being said to the companies     themselves, but to the world at large. A new white paper from Allegiance titled “How Text Analytics Changes Everything” provides details     on how technology can be used to gather and analyze the explosion of     unstructured, freeform text from online customer comments to gain     valuable insights.

Unsolicited customer feedback comes in many forms, including social     media, online forums and communities, blogs, or emails to the     company. According to the paper, businesses are turning to text     analytics systems to automatically process and analyze text in all     its forms so that it can be used to identify trends, uncover early     warning signs and product issues, gather suggestions for improvement and     respond to cries for help from customers.

“Due to the freeform nature and sheer volume of consumer comments, it     has been an expensive and cumbersome process to gather and understand     this unstructured data. However, text analytics technology changes this     by automating the process,” said Eric Weight, director of Text Analytics     Products for Allegiance. “Businesses can benefit greatly by being able     to use this information to do competitive research, understand general     market trends and pinpoint emerging problems early on in the product     development lifecycle.”

In applying text analytics to gathering customer feedback from social     media, the number one challenge is identifying the fraction of comments     that are relevant to a business. To manage this, the Allegiance Voice     of the Customer (VOC) program applies smart filtering techniques to     select only the relevant information from the mountain of available     data. The power of text analytics allows companies to quickly and     accurately identify actionable issues and then adapt in real time by     taking immediate steps that will boost customer retention, differentiate     their business and quickly grow revenue.

“Many companies use legacy technology that can only discern mentions of     ‘shallow sentiment,’ but this analysis is only marginally better than     traditional customer satisfaction research,” continued Weight. “Text     analytics needs to provide actionable results by helping to discern real     insights.”

To download a complimentary copy of the paper “How Text Analytics     Changes Everything” visit http://www.allegiance.com/textanalytics.

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