man on phone customer experienceTeleTech, a Denver-based company that provides analytics-driven customer engagement solutions for companies across the globe, recently announced the launch of Humanify, a data-focused technology platform that adapts to a customer’s communication preference, streamlining interactions between service and support.

The new, wholly-owned subsidiary of TeleTech is in line with its parent company’s mission to simplify and personalize interactions to build engagement between customers and brands. TeleTech takes a holistic, omni-channel approach that improves customer loyalty and, ultimately, drives profitability and growth.

“It’s a new world, one where the customer is squarely in charge. Technology and data analytics have put the power back in the hands of the customer,” said Mike Betzer, chief executive officer of Humanify, in a release. “"Customers deserve better, and companies want to do better, but it is difficult and costly to change out legacy systems and processes. Now because of advanced analytics, the Cloud and new omni-channel technologies, we're able to provide solutions through Humanify that improve the experience while reducing costs."

Humanify uses SaaS-based technology to directly link the customer to the resources that can best help – across any channel. The Humanify process provides an immediate, real-time context for a company about a customer including how they want to connect on any given channel.  The SaaS platform is easy to plug in and is particularly beneficial for customer-facing employees.

Michael DeSalles, principal analyst for Frost & Sullivan said Humanify will provide personalized customer experience that truly puts the customer in charge of the experience.

“This solution has the potential to completely change the game for the customers and brands that serve them all over the world,” DeSalles said.

EXPERTconnect, Humanify’s first product, is a platform that matches customers to relevant information, data, and expert resources who share their interests and passions. The goal is to personalize interactions for insight. Humanify will also create products for specific industries that have a high demand for individualization including healthcare, financial services, and retail.

“In a time of massive change, fueled by wireless connectivity, social, mobile and big data, technology is at the center of enabling an exceptional customer experience,” said Ken Tuchman, chairman and chief executive officer of TeleTech. “We created Humanify to push the limits on what’s possible and establish a new standard for customer engagement.”

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