CINCINNATI—“Happy Hour” promotions are in full swing at TMN, Portugal’s largest     wireless provider, following a successful Convergys     Smart BSS Solutions upgrade. With the upgrade, TMN can now expand     its roster of creative and attention-grabbing promotions, such as the     “Happy Hour” offers currently available to subscribers, as well as drive     enhanced system performance for an improved customer experience.

Owned by Portugal Telecom, TMN has been a Convergys client since 2001.      In that time, Convergys has delivered improvements in its Smart BSS     Solutions system capabilities and performance to help TMN serve its     growing subscriber base, which now numbers more than 7 million.

Convergys     Corporation, a global leader in relationship     management, is announcing today that together with the TMN team, it     has completed implementing the carrier’s upgrade to Convergys     Rating and Billing Manager. The upgraded solution features a number     of key benefits to enable improved operation and control of the billing     system, including:

  • A specially developed simplified interface to mediation and data       warehouse systems
  • Partial rating in real-time
  • Improved catalog management and publishing
  • The ability to set default price plans
  • Improved management and performance of large data files
  • Pre-integrated solutions for product portfolio management
  • Active mediation solutions integrated directly between Convergys’      billing platform and charging networks

These benefits will provide the enhanced functionality that TMN needs to     grow its business further. With the Rating and Billing Manager upgrade,      TMN can also drive improved subscriber loyalty through increased     instances of its innovative and popular “Happy Hour”-style offers as it     prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

“Since 2001, Convergys’ rating and billing engine has played a key role     in our ability to quickly put together the attractive marketing plans     and offers that have made us the largest mobile services provider in     Portugal. In addition to giving us the ability to launch more offers,      this upgrade will improve the overall operations and control of our     billing system, saving Portugal Telecom both time and money,” said TMN.      “We commend the professionalism, competence, and dedication demonstrated     by the Convergys and TMN teams, working together to complete this vital     upgrade with a tight cut-over schedule. With Convergys Rating and     Billing Manager, we are poised and ready to enter the next stage of our     growth.”

“Convergys has a long and proud history with TMN. The upgrade to Rating     and Billing Manager will help TMN retain its leadership position in     innovation and customer centricity by delivering new benefits that will     enhance the system’s functionality and allow it to continue to grow its     subscriber base,” said Riki Allon, Convergys Senior Vice President and     General Manager Information Management, EMEA.

Convergys Smart BSS Solutions deliver innovative support of convergent     services leveraging real-time marketing innovation, helping to minimize     risk, reduce operational costs, and generate revenue, thus enabling our     clients to focus on building valuable relationships with their     customers. Convergys supports seven of FORTUNE’s Top 10 communications     companies.


Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) is a global leader in relationship     management. We provide solutions that drive more value from the     relationships our clients have with their customers. Convergys turns     these everyday interactions into a source of profit and strategic     advantage for our clients.

For more than 30 years, our unique combination of domain expertise,      operational excellence, and innovative technologies has delivered     process improvement and actionable business insight to marquee clients     all over the world.

Convergys has approximately 65,000 employees in 68 customer contact     centers and other facilities in the United States, Canada, Latin     America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and our global headquarters     in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information, visit

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