Target Customers Spend an Additional $2,200 a Year When They Become Shareholders

Bumped—the fintech company on a mission to create an ownership economy through fractional stock rewards—released data from their two-year pilot study showing that when Target customers become a shareholder in the brand, they increase their monthly spend 41%.

Bumped users who were rewarded in fractional shares of stock for their spending with Target shopped there an average 43 percent more often after becoming owners in the brand. They also spent an additional $186.13 monthly — over the course of a year, that increase in ticket size and visits leads to more than an additional $2,000 spent per owner.

"It's hard to imagine that a more powerful relationship can be created between Target and their customers than we've seen here," says David Nelsen, Founder and CEO of Bumped. "The lift in spend is all the proof you need to see that stock rewards fundamentally change how a consumer relates to a store that truly becomes their own."

The Bumped pilot ran for two years and rewarded over 13,000 US consumers in fractional stock rewards when they spent at more than 80 brands. Users chose their favorite brand in each category, then received stock rewards in the brand.

The findings of the holistic Bumped pilot were researched and reported on by The Columbia School of Business, who released their independent study last week.

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