Taco Bell Expands Delivery Service for Better Customer Experience

Taco Bell Customer ExperienceDelivery service is the No. 1 request from fans of Taco Bell via social media. As a result, Taco Bell expanded its partnership with DoorDash, a Silicon Valley technology and logistics startup, to offer delivery from Taco Bell restaurants in four new major markets: Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, and San Diego.

Enhancing the customer experience is paramount for Taco Bell.

“Delivery is the No. 1 request from our fans on social media, and we saw a strong desire from our consumers to enjoy Taco Bell when and where they wanted it,” Lawrence Kim, Director of On-Demand Innovation at Taco Bell, told Loyalty360. “Partnering with DoorDash, who matches our values of food quality, speed, and customer service, gives our consumers a consistent quality service. We are looking to both simplify and elevate the delivery experience for Taco Bell fans, and are evaluating where we go next with this.”Taco Bell Delivery

Taco Bell and DoorDash first announced their delivery partnership last month when DoorDash began delivering from Taco Bell restaurants in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area, and Dallas regions. Now, the partnership will include restaurants in Chicago, Minneapolis, San Diego and Houston, with new catering delivery options available from Houston locations.

In total, DoorDash is now delivering from more than 200 Taco Bell restaurants in more than 100 cities across the country. Pricing and delivery costs vary depending on restaurant location, but delivery fees start at just $3.99 and there are no minimum order sizes.

This marks DoorDash’s first national partnership. The Palo Alto-based tech company has developed a data-driven logistics platform that provides customers with fast and affordable delivery from a wide selection of local restaurant options

“When consumers can get what they want, when they want it, where they want it, it enhances our ability to provide our core principles of value and convenience,” Kim added. “It also changes how fans engage with us and taps into the shift from food as fuel, to food as an experience.”

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