ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 10—Sugar Creek Foods, a privately-held frozen yogurt manufacturer with independently owned and operated End-Users throughout the United States,  has partnered with Sundrop Mobile to utilize Sundrop’s loyalTXT™  card-less mobile loyalty solution throughout its network. Sugar Creek will underwrite a sizable portion of the program costs for all of its exclusive Honey Hill Farms End-Users.

In the pilot program, a self-service frozen yogurt shop registered 3,000 customers within the first 6 weeks, an average of more than 66 subscribers per day. After only 21 days, the yogurt shop had enough opt-in subscribers to send its first outbound marketing SMS campaign that generated an ROI that fully paid for the program for its first 8 months of operation.

loyalTXT operates as a “card-less” mobile loyalty program, replacing plastic loyal cards with customers’ mobile phones and text messaging. With loyalTXT, a merchant focuses solely on registering customers into the loyalty program at the point of sale, and loyalTXT manages the remainder of the program - customer registration, social media connection, reward distribution - automatically. loyalTXT is easy to use, operationally efficient, and cost-effective.

Bud Gunter,  VP of Sales and Marketing at Sugar Creek, says, “We believe so strongly that the mobile loyalty and marketing program developed by Sundrop will help our operators increase sales that we are underwriting a portion of the cost of the service for every exclusive Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt End-User.” Sundrop has developed a yogurt shop-specific marketing program and calendar that will be implemented consistently for each Honey Hills End-User to maximize their results and growth.

About Sundrop

Sundrop Mobile is a mobile marketing and loyalty solutions provider. Sundrop operates an automated, “card-less” mobile loyalty program, loyalTXT™,  that uses a customer’s mobile number as their “loyalty card,” text messaging with email for data collection and communication, and seamlessly integrates social media and location-based services. Sundrop introduces businesses to their customers by providing the infrastructure and expertise that empowers merchants to reach their customers via mobile, email, social media, and location-based marketing—anytime.  Sundrop helps businesses become mobile, social, and local. www.sundropmobile.com

About Sugar Creek Foods International, Inc.

Sugar Creek Foods International, Inc. is a leader in the frozen yogurt and custom frozen soft-serve mix industry. For over 65 years Sugar Creek has pioneered development, production and marketing of frozen soft-serve dessert mixes. The Company operates a production facility in Russellville, AR which manufactures its national brand Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt,  which is real dairy and contains live active cultures. Sugar Creek offers branded and private label frozen yogurt, ice cream, frozen custard, sorbet, & smoothie mixes. Sugar Creek’s End-User customers include frozen yogurt shops, convenience stores, quality restaurants,  ice cream shops, custard shops, colleges, foodservice locations, and international chains accounts. www.sugarcreekfoodsinc.com  www.thehoneyhillfarms.com


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