Stylerunner Implements Direct Marketing with NetSuite Cloud Commerce

Without a platform to integrate marketing and commerce, companies can find themselves running in circles. Activewear leader Stylerunner recently partnered with e-commerce software company NetSuite to run the brand’s direct marketing, e-commerce and CRM strategies through its Suite-commerce cloud-based financial solution.

Today’s brands are seeking technologies that can successfully break down silos and house company assets under one roof, and platforms like the NetSuite Suite-commerce solution do just that. The e-commerce technology allows for integrated management of end-to-end company processes including, but not limited to, e-commerce, financials, inventory management, marketing, customer service and support, and order management.

The Australia based Stylerunner has experienced fruitful growth, expanding rapidly from 11 brands to almost 50, with a distribution range of 65 countries. As it continues to expand globally, the company will leverage the Suite-commerce solution to maintain control over international distribution centers, improve management of inventory, and cut down on shipping costs.

The excitement of expansion did not come without challenges. The past two years, Stylerunner had utilized a collection of marketing and e-commerce tools such as a custom-build e-commerce site, CRM systems, accounting software, third party EDM providers, and countless Excel spreadsheets. Like many companies experiencing a geyser of growth, Stylerunner needed a fresh transformation in e-commerce management that allowed for ease of data transmission as well as accommodation for scalability. Through such integrated technologies, companies like Stylerunner are able to improve CRM and direct marketing efforts, due to ease of use and improved understanding of customer interactions.

“The success of our business is predicated on how well we anticipate and respond to the needs of our growing international customer base,” Julie Stevanja, co-founder of Stylerunner, said in a release. “NetSuite can enable us to carry out the detailed customer segmentation we need in order to do this… We love that we can have that sort of data at our fingertips in a matter of moments as it can enable us to operate as a much more sophisticated and efficient company, far surpassing the insights that were previously available to us.”

Features of e-commerce solutions like the Suite-commerce solution include real-time business analytics, engaging brand experiences, multi-currency and multi-language support, and order and inventory management.

“Given the rapidity of our expansion, we need to be the flexible, access-anywhere architecture that NetSuite provides to be able to accommodate our medium-term growth plans,” Stevanja said, “while guaranteeing simple and cost-effective add-on functionality as and when we expand into new territories and retail channels.”

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