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BOSTON, Aug 11, 2010—Stream Global Services, Inc., a premium, global     business process outsource (BPO) service provider specializing in     customer relationship management services for Fortune 1000 companies,      today announced the availability of its social media service offering,      combining Stream’s expertise in customer relationship management with a     focus on the emerging social media market. Stream’s service offering     provides clients a multi-faceted approach for actively and directly     engaging with their customer base across a multitude of social media,      thereby creating a truly personal and interactive customer experience.

According to a recent white paper by research firm Yankee Group, 70     percent of consumers surveyed want to leverage social media sites for     real-time availability of technical and customer support. As part of     Stream’s offering, social media professionals actively monitor a variety     of social media—including websites, blogs, forums and message boards—    and respond to customer support and product information needs. As a     result, Stream provides its clients with timely consumer feedback,      real-time market trends, and potential revenue generation opportunities.      Stream’s social media offering may be combined with other communications     services—such as its voice, chat, email and data analytic services—    to create a fully integrated and comprehensive solution that drives     customer satisfaction and increases overall brand loyalty.

Stream also offers programs specific to providers of online communities.      For two of Stream’s clients—a leading Internet service provider and     provider of an online networking site—Stream’s social media     professionals assist with the construction and management of online user     policies, as well as monitor online activity to ensure the site’s     specific security requirements are followed.

Stream’s social media offering currently includes the following     features. Additional features are under development for future release.

—      Social Network Monitoring: active monitoring of websites,      blogs, forums and message boards to identify real-time consumer and       market trends.

—      Engagement and Response: real-time, personal interaction with       client customers across an unlimited number of social media, including       providing client news and promotions updates, responding to customer       information requests, and correcting misinformation and/or addressing       customer dissatisfaction drivers.

—      Revenue Generation: proactive identification of incremental       sales and/or market promotion opportunities by leveraging intelligence       garnered from market and consumer trend analysis.

“Today’s consumers are increasingly turning to the virtual community and     social networks for support and information on products and services     they use every day. To address this shift in consumer behavior, Stream     has created a unique business model to service both B-to-C companies, as     well as the ever-growing social media content providers,” said Scott     Murray, Chairman and CEO. “By providing a platform for actively engaging     with this growing customer base, Stream helps our clients build enhanced     long-term customer value and ultimate brand loyalty, and for social     media clients, maintain high levels of security protection.”

Stream’s social media offering was recently deployed as part of an     overall sales and support program for a leading technology client,      resulting in the expansion of the client’s customer base and the     generation of new sales opportunities. Stream’s expertise in proactively     monitoring and analyzing customer response to marketing initiatives     helped the client make well-informed business and marketing decisions     related to online product offerings, up-sell practice improvements,      customer segmentation, price positioning and demographic trends.

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About Stream Global Services, Inc.

Stream Global Services is a premium business process outsource (BPO)      service provider specializing in customer relationship management     including sales, customer care and technical support for Fortune 1000     companies. Stream is a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading     technology, computing, telecommunications, retail, entertainment/media,      and financial services companies. Our service programs are delivered     through a set of standardized best practices and sophisticated     technologies by a highly skilled workforce of approximately 30,000     employees based out of 50 locations in 22 countries supporting more than     35 languages. Stream continues to expand its global presence and service     offerings to increase revenue, improve operational efficiencies and     drive brand loyalty for its clients. To learn more about the company and     its complete service offering, please visit

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