Stop & Shop to Announces Three New Warerooms and At Least 50 More Pickup Locations

Stop & Shop has announced it will be adding three new warerooms as well as 50 more pickup locations in 2020 to, according to the Stop & Shop press release, support the increased eCommerce sales. These new locations will also help customers in the Northeast get their groceries delivered to their doors more easily. Stop & Shop has also announced the expansion of availability on Instacart, now offering same-day delivery at 321 Stop & Shop stores. The brand has also hired over 750 employees since March to help support its online operations.
"By adding new warerooms, additional locations for pickup and expanding our partnership with Instacart, we're rapidly accelerating our e-commerce capacity and making it possible for more customers to shop how and when they want with us," said Gordon Reid, President of Stop & Shop, in a Stop & Shop press release. "Creating a seamless omnichannel experience was a strategic priority for us prior to the pandemic, and with the increased demand we've seen over the last several months, it's more important than ever that we deliver improved digital solutions and online fulfillment for our customers to shop for the food and other groceries they need."
According to the Stop & Shop, the brand currently had one warehouse and 21 warerooms before adding the three new warerooms to its footprint in 2020.
Additionally, Stop & Shop launched Pickup in June 2019 and is currently available at 212 locations. Thanks to the additions to this program on Instacart, it is now offered at 321 stores, which is more than 75 percent of the Stop & Shop footprint. Customers can use the Instacart website or app to shop as well as use their Loyalty Card to earn Fuel Points at checkout.
"Instacart is proud to expand our partnership with Stop & Shop as we work to ensure busy people and families in communities across the country have access to same-day delivery from their favorite store," said Andrew Nodes, Vice President of Retail, Instacart, also in the Stop & Shop press release.
"Consumers are now more than ever before, relying on online grocery shopping for their everyday needs. Together with Stop & Shop, we're giving their loyal customers another way to affordably, safely, and quickly get the fresh groceries and household essentials they need."   

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