Stellar Loyalty to Offer Cloud-based Big Data Solutions

Stellar Loyalty, an organization dedicated to delivering outstanding cloud-based, big data loyalty solutions to companies recently launched. What’s more, Stellar Loyalty received $5 million in Series A funding to fast-track its go-to-market tactic.

“The customer loyalty market is at a tipping point with consumers demanding personalized engagement,” Bruce Cleveland, general partner at InterWest Partners, said in a release. “Brands are eager to reach consumers with the right offer at the moment of value, but lack an integrated solution combining big data with analytics to drive intelligent offers. Stellar Loyalty has the vision, talent and opportunity to disrupt and redefine customer loyalty in the 21st Century and represents a solid investment for InterWest.”

The challenge of creating an entity that could truly understand customer personalization was taken on this year by Kevin Nix and Peter Lim, both experts in CRM, mobility, and cloud computing. The ambitious startup will be the first applications provider to offer modern and integrated loyalty solutions and operate from the cloud. The company’s focus on mobile gives it a significant advantage on competition for a tech future that is shifting increasingly towards mobile devices.

“There is a new paradigm underway in which marketers will recognize they need to understand and participate in each customer’s moments of truth in their journey with the brand,” Denis Pombriant, Beagle Research Group Founder and Managing Principal, said in a release. “This requires a fundamental shift from a transaction-oriented approach to a customer process orientation. Stellar Loyalty will enable brands to make this shift through a big data and analytics approach that will help marketers win the ultimate prize – customer loyalty and advocacy.”

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