Stellar Loyalty Helps GreenTree Hospitality Group Differentiate Loyalty Program

Officials at GreenTree Hospitality Group, the 14th largest global hotel brand with more than 2,600 hotels worldwide, sought to make their loyalty program different and unique.

Enter Stellar Loyalty.

GreenTree selected Stellar Loyalty to provide its brand with a new loyalty program that elevated its expansion plans throughout the U.S. The new GreenTree GiveBack Rewards launched on June 23, 2017, with the goal to deliver exclusive member benefits that enhance the traveler experience, and drive more loyal and profitable engagements.

“With the abundance of loyalty programs available to hotel guests, GreenTree Inn wanted to offer something unique, meaningful, and useful to its guests while providing a way to differentiate itself within the marketplace,” Amanda Saye, marketing manager for GreenTree Hospitality Group, Inc., explained to Loyalty360. “We feel the GreenTree Giveback Rewards program allows our guests to feel a level of exclusivity and be a part of the brand. Stellar Loyalty has been instrumental in the role out of the GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program, adapting to fit our needs from the integration of our back-end systems to the customization of the user experience.”

Stellar Loyalty’s cutting-edge technology, combined with its services spanning strategy, operations, and analytics, makes it a valuable partner to GreenTree.

“First and foremost, our goal is to create brand loyalty while adding value and building rapport with repeat guests, and increasing GreenTree Inn direct bookings,” Saye added.

In 2004, the first GreenTree Inn hotel opened its doors in Shanghai, China. Today, there are more than 17 million loyalty paid-in members.

“As we launch the GreenTree Inn brand in the United States through acquisition and franchisee development, we want to stay competitive within the marketplace, and provide our guests with something of value,” Saye explained. “Stellar’s loyalty platform has helped us achieve this objective so far with the launch of the GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program in the U.S. Several factors (of the loyalty program) will be closely monitored and measured, including total members of the program and increased direct bookings.”

In collaboration with the GreenTree Inn team, Stellar Loyalty designed and rolled out the GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program, a fee-based model that offers a unique and differentiated approach to hotel loyalty. 

Specifically, GreenTree Inn guests can join and immediately receive exclusive benefits associated with the GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program.

Using a paid membership model, the GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program provides guests with cash-back rewards at the end of each year (3 percent cash-back, 3 percent charitable donation or 5 percent GreenTree voucher).

Additional benefits include exclusive member-only room rates and offers, waived hotel service fees, complimentary room upgrades and other special perks.

Guests can register for the new GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program at each property or online at

From the brand perspective, the new loyalty program enables GreenTree Inn to develop a rich member profile database to personalize and tailor each member’s experience. Stellar Loyalty is operating the GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program, including identifying member segments to target offers, tailoring and executing email marketing campaigns, and delivering relevant member communication via the program newsfeed.

Fully integrated to GreenTree Inn’s back-end systems, the new GreenTree GiveBack Rewards program ensures a seamless and frictionless end-to-end process for GreenTree Inn members. 

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