Starbucks, Red Stamp Team Up to Recognize Baristas

Many people across the country are ritualistic when it comes to their morning coffee and, quite often, they gravitate toward Starbucks. Patrons of Starbucks appreciate the customer engagement and excellent service from the baristas. Now, Starbucks has teamed up with Red Stamp, a mobile iOS app and website, to recognize baristas everywhere.

The Starbucks-Red Stamp program turns the tables and allows patrons to reciprocate by sending messages of thanks to their favorite baristas as a nod to their appreciated service. What’s more, the recognition program allows customers to engage employees because of a small gesture that might’ve brightened their day.

Starbucks declined comment about the initiative, and instead referenced a company blog post – “Idea Launched: A Better Way to Appreciate Your Barista” -- detailing the program that sprang forth from “One of your top all-time ideas.”

According to, for years customers have requested a way to recognize their favorite baristas. It checked in at the 13th most popular idea out of more than 150,000 ideas submitted.

“Ever have one of those mornings when everything isn’t quite going right?” the blog post reads. “Then you bump into someone who shares a friendly smile, and suddenly your day is much brighter than it started. Many of you have told us your barista is the one who makes your day great, and you’d like a way to let him or her know that.”

Now patrons can send comment cards through the Red Stamp app directly to the barista of their choice.

“And just so you know, our baristas tell us getting recognition from you makes their day too,” the blog reads.

The Starbucks™ Collection in the Red Stamp app has six different barista recognition cards that patrons can customize with a personal message. After selecting a delivery method, the app locates the correct store address for the customer who sends his or her message to their favorite barista.

Customers can send their messages as an actual postcard to the store from RedStamp, email them to the store email address available from search list of Starbucks stores, or it can be published to Facebook. On Facebook, the message is posted via RedStamp onto the Starbucks Partners page. Customers can also post their messages Instagram or Twitter.

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