Starbucks Generates Customer Engagement On The Go

Starbucks Generates Customer EngagementBeing at the right place at the right time has always had its benefits, especially for customer engagement. But modern technology has also added new dimensions to this old adage, which is why the omni-channel customer experience is so crucial. To provide value, brands must now deliver an integrated customer experience across multiple touch points. Luckily, the advantages of digital connectivity work both ways. Customers now can be anywhere, anytime. But by leveraging mobile devices to influence customer engagement behaviors, so can brands.

This is the idea behind the expansion of the new Mobile Order & Pay app from Starbucks.

After testing the new app in Portland, Oregon, the coffee mega chain recently announced plans to launch the service in select cities throughout the United States. No longer exclusive to the Pacific Northwest, the Mobile Order & Pay app will allow customers to “get a jump on their day” by allowing them to place an advance order through a smart phone and then pick it up the selected Starbuck location of their choice.

Starbucks hopes the app will bring new levels of convenience to their customer experience model by removing some of the constraints associated with an in store visit. Now customers can simply order and pay no matter where they are.

In addition to advance ordering and payment options, the app will let customers locate their favorite items by completely exploring the menu of available options. It will also provide a freshly prepared pick-up time and remember pervious selections, which will further allow customers to customize orders through continued use.

Dedicated to improving the customer experience, Starbucks sees the potential for the app to simplify the entire customer engagement process for both coffee drinkers and baristas alike. Service speed, customer satisfaction, and incremental transactions are all expected to increase within every participating store.

The Mobile Order & Pay app will be integrated into Starbucks’ existing mobile app and the My Starbucks Rewards® loyalty program, which currently offers customers free items, special offers, and early product access by collecting and redeeming star points.

After more trials launch in nearly 650 coffee shops in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, Starbucks plans to expand the program to include most major cities across the country later this year.

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