Starbucks and Lyft Customer EngagementIt is a major part of the customer experience routine for millions of Americans everywhere. Some could scarcely even imagine functioning without it. And it often goes hand-in-hand with their daily commute, as countless motorists also find themselves taking another turn through their local Starbucks drive through to get that caffeine fix, which is why the coffee mega chain has partnered with Lyft to increase customer engagement with both riders and drivers alike.

Starbucks’ popular loyalty program, My Starbucks Rewards®, is now adding Lyft to its expanding list of what has been called “retail’s most robust digital loyalty ecosystem.”

Lyft is currently one of the country’s top personal transport services, which uses a mobile app to connect passengers with nearby drivers. Since Lyft is available for both the iPhone and Android it will also easily integrate with My Starbucks Rewards®, and potentially bring a tremendous number of new customers to the brand.

It also promises to offer significant value to members. The new multi-year agreement gives Lyft drivers the ability to upgrade to gold status, which offers a free drink for every 12 stars, a special Gold Card, and a host of personalized offers. Similarly, Lyft riders will also be able to collect loyalty program stars.Lyft President on Starbucks

“There are two things most of us do every morning: get a cup of coffee and commute to work,” said John Zimmer, Co-founder and President of Lyft. “Together with Starbucks, we can make both a friendlier, more enjoyable customer experience. Lyft and Starbucks share a lot of the same customers and importantly we share a commitment to doing right by our customers and our people. In the days, months and years ahead, we will launch exciting programs for loyal community members, and new products that will change the way we move around our cities.”

Beyond the individual rewards members can earn, the new agreement also promises to increase the meaningful and personal relationships between Lyft drivers and riders. Customers will now be able to use the Lyft app to give drivers a range of eGifts to thank drivers in a more personalized manor.

“With Lyft’s presence in 65 cities across the U.S., where we also have Starbucks serving the same communities, we knew this relationship would benefit our partners, Lyft’s drivers as well as our mutual customers that are already coming to Starbucks and using Lyft services,” said Adam Brotman, Chief Digital Officer of Starbucks. “This is a great win-win. Our digital loyalty ecosystem will strengthen Lyft’s ability to attract and retain customers in a highly profitable way, while at the same time accelerating the incrementally of redemption of rewards.”

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