Staples Connect Launches Mobile Classroom Rewards Program

As part of its continued evolution to Staples Connect, the working and learning store, Staples US Retail announced the launch of its new Classroom Rewards mobile experience, where parents can give a percentage of their qualifying purchase made at a Staples store back to an enrolled teacher or school administrator of their choice. In addition, to further show appreciation for teachers this back-to-school season, from Jul. 1 to Sept. 30, 2021, enrolled teachers and school administrators will get 20% off on select in-store purchases at Staples stores across the country. 1

“Research from a federal Department of Education survey showed that 94% of public-school teachers use their own money for classroom supplies throughout the year,” said Marshall Warkentin, Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer, Staples US Retail. “The Staples Connect Classroom Rewards program was designed to serve as a vehicle for parents and supporters to give back to the teachers in our communities. We’ve revamped the experience for all parties by removing barriers to entry and making it easier than ever to enroll, shop, earn and allocate rewards.”

To enroll, parents, supporters, teachers and school administrators must:

  • Download the Staples Connect app by texting “APP” to 555-444 or by visiting; and

  • Create a Staples Connect login and follow the process to enroll in Classroom Rewards by navigating to the bottom of the app and selecting ‘Classroom Rewards’.

Shop in store and accumulate Classroom Rewards dollars when you use your Staples Rewards number at checkout. No more receipts. Give Classroom Rewards dollars to your favorite enrolled school administrators or teachers. Classroom Rewards dollars become available to enrolled teachers or school administrators in increments of $5 through a digital promo card within the Classroom Rewards app.

Parents and supporters who enroll in Classroom Rewards will earn 5% back on qualifying purchases made in store for the enrolled teacher or school administrator of their choice throughout the entire year. To help teachers stock up their classrooms in time for the back-to-school season, parents and supporters can now earn 20% back for their teacher or school administrator when they make a qualifying purchase in store from now through Sept. 30, 2021.2

Full Staples Connect Classroom Rewards Program terms and conditions apply, for more information visit

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